Book Club – Short book “Fish”

First of all I would like to say that reading a book is not at all my cup of tea. I do read but its all abt art and design based articles or posts. I was supposed to facilitate Art and skils for support staff. And then due to this pandemic I was made to choose book club this year. I was very tensed how I will finish these many books.
But the book “Fish” really motivated me to read. I am surprised but happy at same time that I finished 1 book in a day with great support of the team.

Many times in life whether its work or at personal level we have to phase challenges. For that we need to choose appropriate attitude. Every time we dont have much choice in choosing the work or changing the situations but there’s always a choice to change your attitude. it takes lot of courage to bring change.
After harsh time of Mary Jane’s husband’s death and at the same time for survival with two children, her posting on third floor “toxic energy dump” at First Guarantee was very challenging.
She come across the Pike Place Fish Market. There she decided to change the reputation of her department. She took that risk and applied those philosophies for her and for the third floor.
Have faith and patience in whatever you do. As Lonnie mentioned, Pike Place Fish market didn’t start this way. They changed their attitude and they had faith in them selves and they achieved the result.
Playing at work will make our work easy. This energize the workplace. This also helps to reduce stress and get better outcome.
Being at present is very important. it will keep you connected with the customer And make relation with customer healthy. its also makes communication easy.
Making their day is keep them motivated. It also make them feel that they are important. Doing even small gestures like thank you, sorry, giving appreciations.

She helped her department to realize the actual problems and why they should be come out of their current mind set and think for their better future. After great efforts she successfully changed the Third floor from a “toxic Energy dump” to a healthy environment.

I also liked in the end the way Lonnie propose Mary Jane with the ring in the fish mouth. 🙂

I will recommend this book to others to read. It’s short but very helpful. This book changed my attitude towards reading as well. 🙂

– Aneri Desai

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