Book Club- Short Books “FISH”

When thinking about reading, the first thought that comes in my mind is a sense of boredom as I am not a book lover at all. But to change this attitude towards the reading I Joined book club so I can change my thinking about the reading and can find if I really can develop an interest about books. To my surprise I found the book FISH very interesting to read and a kind of motivational book for me.

The way a women Mary Jane started her struggle in life after the sudden death of her husband and the progress of her in the Company First Guarantee, And a sudden unexpected change of her promotion is 3rd floor which is so called known as a “Toxic energy Dump” due to the environment there.

And from the real struggle to identify the actual identity of her own, Her own threats for the life after the death of her husband and to find a way to the fish market and meet Loonie who helped her to understand and change the “Toxic energy dump” environment to the pleasant work area where every one would love to work.

Loonie teaches her that a normal fish market works ca also be a pleasant work place by adding the play in the works. Making an office an adult playground most tedious jobs can also be interesting.

Along with Loonie She also help other team members to realize the actual problems and why they should be come out of the current mindset and think for a better future is required ad essential .

She successfully change the 3rd floor from a toxic Energy dump” to a healthy environment . This dramatic change also help me to understand my problems with the work environment ad lead me to a better solution which I personally can apply and bring positivity in my life.


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