My Happiness Project – Subhalaxmi

On Day 1 of our Life class (Book club), as an extension to reading the book ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin, we gave ourselves the task of creating our own Happiness Project. The tasks included reflecting on the following:

What is that one thing that you can and will spare time for everyday to make sure that you are Happy?

Create your happiness journal and write about your experience of taking on the project

Click a snap of doing what makes you happy everyday and speak about it.

What are the challenges you face in doing this everyday?

How have you attempted to overcome the challenges?

The one grouch that I have always had is my battle with my weight – even as a child I was heavy but athletic. Over time, I have lost the willingness to work on my fitness.

My commitment is my health and to that end, I think exercising to lose weight will make me happy. I commit small, but I will use 15 to 20 mins everyday to exercise. I will maintain my journal about the experience over time. I will add snaps when possible. I will also reflect on the challenges (the main challenge is willingness to start) and how I have attempted to overcome it.



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