Think Twice(or more)before doing

We have heard the saying “think before you do” since childhood. How it was helpful? Did we ever do that? I don’t think so. But now if I consider so many aspects of life, we do it every day and night. There are many decisions where you apply critical thinking like, financial planning , Family planning, buying a new house, school admissions for your child, choosing a carrier etc;

Thinking about pros and cons in any circumstance is a good example of critical thinking. For example as I am planning to buy a house, The requirement according to the family is 3BHK but in monetary terms only 2BHK is affordable. Now here I need to apply critical thinking as to what is my necessity and what I actually want or afford. A family has to under go many expenses considering health, education, basic needs etc. So prioritizing things is very important, which again require critical thinking.  Most of the times it helps you to take a right decisions.

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