Life and love classes – An attempt to know ourselves genuinely.

Love is patient, kind and honest and for a change its not a garden of roses. In our sessions we understood many new aspects of love. I was too possessive about my son and always thought how he will manage if he is in some other school and I am in a different school, even the timings were too diverse, during the life classes I used to cry a lot, I was feeling tempted to quit but I always remembered one thing my mother kept on repeating since my childhood days “Never give up, keep trying good actions and attempts never go unnoticed.

Thanks to Ayman ma’am and Evelyn ma’am for their guidance and for helping me during life classes. I always felt changes especially where we need to put a lot of efforts, take a long time and it’s a daunting task. It really took a year for me to understand that I need to support and let my son grow as an individual and me too, in fact I was not ready to leave him alone, gradually I started with small changes and now he (Soumya) is much more responsible and knows he needs to take charge of his homework and other important things when I am not around.

It was an extreme and difficult phase in my life as a teacher as well as a mother it was always like a student going for a board exam without preparing or learning anything. I had to keep on trying day in and day out to control my emotions and stop worrying, which I have really worked upon, the process goes on. When I look back I feel happy that my hard work has paid off and there are many small if not big changes in me and my son’s life.

Now in the love class we see an extended version of what we learnt in life class a new aspect of love which is in fact real that it’s not all rosy and hunky dory and how we need to keep on putting efforts in all the relationships and the people we love, we should grow and help them grow as well. Even today it happens that without thinking I display my possessiveness and then ponder on the situation and come back to my senses.

Otherwise, it is like a vicious trap which engulfs our happiness and the happiness of those who are important for us. Love classes are a way or means to understand and learn about what actually love is, it has in some or the other way strengthened my belief to grow ourselves and let others grow too.

When our co-participants share their experiences and try to discuss the pros and cons of the situation, we are also enlightened. Love should not be like a forced thing it should be a way to express and feel free. Love is not a feeling it is an action. This is the most important lesson I learnt till now. Looking forward for new learning and experience in love classes. I sum up my experience with a exhilarating thought:

Love one another and help others to rise to the higher levels, simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and the greatest healing energy.

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    True…love is unconditional, love has no boundaries….as the great Guru of our time, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, once so eloquently put it…..” Love all Serve all “

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