Finally thoughts penned down !!!

So after being one of the procrastinator here are finally the thoughts that have been rolling over for more then a week now…. I seriously have been trying to put up all my thoughts together however I did realise at this hour how difficult it has been to even understand what critical thinking was specially when you realise that you work from one angle of thoughts and that this drives almost all your decisions of life.

Through a series of examples I could resonate with what is called “Impact bias” and that from where I operate my thinking. The most recent and perfect example of this was when me and my husband were into a serious thought process on his change of job. So recently my hubby was offered a very good job from another firm with the best perks that he could ever think of however this one decision nearly brought us apart when I was one of the thinkers with what is called as the “impact bias” which only led to lot of confusions. I realised I had actually overestimated the change of job and thus didn’t seem to be too supportive towards my husband in taking the decision. Every decision he made I counter questioned him about the future or kind of overestimated the cons of the new job making it much likely for him also to keep rethinking on his decision. He did take his decision however I couldn’t be a much support to him in this case with the type of thinking that I had. I really don’t know whether this was the right way of thinking or no but what I could reallly connect was that most of the times I operate from this and hence maybe the decisions made are impacted due to this “impact bias” 🤨.

This also holds true when it comes to Hriya ( my daughter ) and her future. All I do is overestimate what would be the impact on her future. I know of a fact that I have had quite a few discussion with my other fellow members like Falguni and Suparna on how they feel about their teenage kids when my daughter is just 8 years. And I know this surely does impact a lot of my decisions that I take in regards to her.

“Impact bias”- so when you think on this basis your already living the future. Before the bad event occurs, your mind envisages a life focused solely around the bad event. In reality, the bad event is likely to be overshadowed by all sorts of other events happening at the same time.

That’s kind of being negetive …. is it or kind of overthinking?? 🤔🤔🤔A new food for thought.




  • Shezin Siganporia

    I appreciate the honesty in your post. If you could share some more details about what exactly is your fear here? what impact are you foreseeing during class discussion. It will help others to understand this bias. Lot of us operate under it.

    • Priyanka Chahwala

      So the point here is that I tend to take a lot of decisions by forseeing what would be the effect of the same in the future. Though the future is not known to anyone there are a lot of assumptions that lead to me taking decisions assuming the impact of it in the future. I will share examples while we discuss about this bias.

  • Even I can resonate well with this bais but after the knowing and learning about these biases, I feel we need to draw that fine line beyond which we stop criticizing a decision or action.

  • Well written…..You have got good mixture of real life example and theory in this blog.

  • I could resonate with you with respect to the example about your daughter. These concerns do arise, but then every time I stop- my thoughts- by giving a counter thought- I cant predict/ plan her future, She is a different individual and she will grow to become whatever is best for her. I need to make decisions looking at the current only. Remembering the lines from the poem by Khalil Gibran we did go through in Love classes.

  • Critical Thinking applied to a very critical situation !!! Would be interesting to know how you feel now having tackled the tricky and delicate situation in your own way…….

  • I could relate to you PC as I too go through similar kind of situation when it comes to my parents.

  • Tahera Kinkhabwala

    Can totally relate with this. But, I wonder,where is the borderline when it comes to parenting and the future of your kids?

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