Life Classes- A gift to be passed on!

Hello all,

Well, being honest I was just thinking 2 days back to make my page and begin with writing as many friends had inspired me to begin so thought to begin from October and guess I read the mail by Vardan sir that post about the learnings on the blog! Telepathy must say 🙂

To begin with I am transformed- the core reason is Life classes but for me it took time to actually apply and understand the core context of the workshop.

I had been poor in decision making (which I had overcome) now. Still, not perfect but ya, I am growing and much better.

Reason: Love workshop especially has given me better understanding and had answered many of the unanswered questions in my life. Due to these Life classes I developed an interest in understanding and helping the people in a better way for good (not judging them)- why are they angry, frustrated, how can I help them, do they need help, their pain areas, their fear- if nothing I can do I listen carefully.

Connection in my life: My mother undergone change (very much interpreted by me) as my brother got married and time got divided (acceptance of change was missing). She felt at times low which was in action by getting irritated (without any reason), getting angry, isolating herself at times by not communicating with anyone, mood swings, etc. After observing and analyzing (it went on for a month approx), communication and listening was done by us- she demonstrated her anger (which I expected). At least she expressed her emotions. So, then questioning with her permission was done (to understand in a better way the problem). After that we analysed and understood- She needs our TIME which money can’t buy! According to us we were giving time but somewhere rescheduling was required. After doing that surprisingly she changed and now with a better approach. It gave us immense pleasure to understand her feeling which she expressed in a different manner as she was expecting us to understand on our own.

Well, due to Life classes I applied the principles and made my family members to follow the principles which they agreed as it was the apt approach. It boosted my confidence and helped my mom especially to not to go into isolation.

Depression phase had come for all of us (with respect to mom’s action), analysing what hurts her (as she is sensitive) but now there is improvement- the most important element- She is very happy, not dependent but interdependent, she exercise- goes for a walk/runs- alone or with my dad, exercise at home (strength training), yoga (basics). Finally, she took a step forward to utilise her time and she is happy for it!

What I learnt?- Active listening by not judging, being empathetic, understanding gives way to solve the problem as Problems are a part of life and inevitable.

Many more instances to share- probably in my next blog will do so!

Thank you Fountainhead School!

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