Time to reflect-Critical Thinking

Finally after  procrastinating a lot , I am sharing my learning and where i have applied my CT. So many times i tend to look at new information to confirm my own beliefs rather than to test them. And when something happens that disproves my beliefs, i tend to ignore it before CT i was not aware about confirmation bias but after attending session i came to know about  this particular bias, now i try to apply my CT and find out information from range of source so as to avoid confirmation bias.

There is also one more bias in memory bias testing effect(the fact that you more easily remember information you have read by rewriting it instead of rereading it), what i feel this particular bias also governs me.

Here is the results of the quiz that i have attempted which was shared by Mariyam ma’am.


But i don’t totally agree with the results i got.


Also  after watching those videos on gullible and skeptical i would say at times i am gullible and sometimes i am skeptical too mostly when i have to decide anything related for my kids.


These are some of my learning so far. I would really like to thank Mariyam ma’am and Shezin for taking such wonderful and informative session and also for sending us regular reminders to share our learning.


  • Shezin Siganporia

    I am glad you were able to connect to things taken up so far in workshop. I would request you to share how these biases clutter your mind and impacts the decision you take. You did mention that in case of your children you do become gullible or at times even skeptical so how does it influence your decisions? Maybe you mention it here or share in class with us..

  • kalpana.iyer@fountainheadschools.org

    Actually, when I attempted the quiz shared by Marriam madam it wasn’t easy for me to digest as my results showed negative biases. The first foremost thing I did was started to analyze and understand how to overcome this. After attending the session I understood that there are different cognitive biases and each bias arises according to a particular situation and at times reasoning and logic help to overcome such bias.

  • Tabassum, I could relate to your point about “memory bias testing effect” being a part of my thought process as well , specifically in my pursuit of learning new things academically.

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