Looking at the quiz results, availability bias governs my thoughts, but I don’t agree with it 100%. Blaming it on the limited options in the quiz  🙂

As we were told to “watch our thoughts, and keep track of them”, after the sessions, I realized that it is pretty exhausting!

A recent read-aloud session with Gr 10, got me back to the task at hand, where I ended up thinking of my own answers to the questions in the book I read out called Q is for question, An ABC of Philosophy. It has questions for each letter of the alphabet. Challenging the reader to define beauty, existence, God, happiness, knowledge and the question ToK asks…How do you know the things that you know?

And with those questions going on in my mind, I also realized that it opens up our memory boxes and then slowly some questions are answered and the unanswered ones tend to pile themselves neatly on the memory shelf, to be tackled another time.





  • kalpana.iyer@fountainheadschools.org

    I do agree sometimes your thought process stops after a certain time and again you are recharged as your mind gets perturbed by many questions piled up with no answer. But after this session, I understood it’s not necessary to find patterns for all our questions.

  • Shezin Siganporia

    Ma’am I want this book :p

    Well i do agree to keep a constant watch on our thoughts and keeping track of them is difficult. But as learnt in love class “Life is difficult” — shifting the blame on other facilitators 😉

  • Hasina Nazmi Saifee

    TK, I could relate to the cartoon strip. We are good at procrastination.
    How do you know the things that you know?……
    We are in a grip of complex array of cognitive biases and we generally are ignorant about their role in thinking and decision making.

  • Watching thoughts and being mindful is really exhaustive. But of what I have read, I think once we train our self to do it by putting efforts, it becomes a habit. Then it becomes effortless and the result can be reaped. It certainly is going to help think critically.

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