Love Class_Zeta_2017-18

Hello everyone,

Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truth. But this 7 habits & love classes has help me understand the life in a better way. That if we have discipline in our life, we can have a better life though life is difficult.

Love is extending ourself. Love is not only for our spouse but it can be for anyone and can happen anytime. Knowing about 7 stages of marriage was insight full session. To lead and happy & healthy life forgiveness is very important. We need to forgive our self before forgiving others,it is essentialĀ  for personal & emotional growth and mental peace.

I would like to thank Fountainhead school for organizing such a wonderful workshops for staff. I also would like to thanks all the group members forĀ  sharing their experiences. Last but not the least I would thank our facilitators Brinda ma’am & Krishna Ma’am for conducting the love classes.

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