Thinking System – CT (Eta)

Our thinking system place a cruicial role while we make any decision. Its important that we develop skills to think critically to make informed choices.

As a part of Critical Thinking life class, we truly enjoyed deciphering identities of each other through secret codes, trying to know each other a little better. Followed by an activity based on our prior knowledge of critical thinking, we further build background knowledge (BBK).

Applying System 1 and System 2 of thinking, we could come up with many real life situation where we apply our thinking skills. But do we always think critically? Our emotions do take a high road, so do our personal bias. Need to re-work!!

Day 2 was Cheery on cake, starting with an amazing movie Oppenheimer. The Science and Politics behind creation of Atomic bomb during the world war ll was eye-opening. It led to multiple perspective wheather ethics should be taken into consideration while any scientific research takes place? Or do Ethics and Decision making goes hand in hand?

Overall I developed the skill to question my thinking skills and how should I further build on considering multiple perspectives.


Critical Thinking: Day 1 and 2

We discussed about the various facets of critical thinking and collated our thoughts and opinions using a mind map. We were shown various videos revolving around this topic and group discussions took place wherein people shared their understanding and reflections. System 1 and System 2 of critical thinking qas discussed. Its uses were highlighted by the participants. The next day, the entire batch went to watch the movie, Oppenheimer and post the movie a brainstorming session took place wherein participants expressed their points of view regarding some burning questions. All in all, the sessions were informative and enlightening.

Critical thinking Iota

Gives a good window to introspect our thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Critical thinking is a skill which one needs to develop over a period of time through their own life experiences and exposure to varied scenarios. Preaching to open up your thoughts nd change mindset to what one has a long time belief in might not work for all is what I believe and some might not even connect it to so quickly. Hoping exposure is given to research and experiences to practice critical thinking is focused on in coming sessions more. Also kindly avoid religious discussions as it’s a very personal and sensitive topic. Even “open minded” western civilizations prevent from such open forum discussions if some of the demography is aiming for that.

Science: Morals/Ethics/Impact

The journey of any individual is juggling between Morals/Ethics/Implications. Your journey depends on the decisions that you take through the journey. Your decisions put any one of the factors in jeopardy. But, at the moment what you think and what factors affect the decision matters a lot. And also the perspective matters. But at times taking harsh steps makes the way for the further development.

Critical thinking – IOTA

Critical thinking helped me to understand how right decisions can be made by analysing situation critically and then coming up to conclusion. Knowledge of System -1 and System -2 thinking and how it have to be used for making better choices or decisions. As a part of CT session, we did a task of researching about vastushastra and astrology helps in predicting future. Doing research and finding out evidences and analyzing it using critical thinking  helped to reach conclusion. The movie also provided good insights related to same.

Critical thinking

Critical thinking is like deep and clear understanding about the concept  or situation. We have to understand context before applying CT. Critical thinking is applied in different situations like

Personal and professional growth.

Step out for new task

Thinking about relationship and chil.

Build up image.

There are many situations where we apply critical thinking. So it is not judgement type of thinking but actually we are actually thinking about something. We learn about system 1 and system 2 where system 1 work automatically but system 2 require deep thinking and experience. So i like the session and thanks to facilitator for making session lively.

Critical Thinking Iota

Basically the main idea of CT is to see the situations through the different lences. Sometimes we see the certain situations as per our beliefs, our experiences etc. we do not consider the opposite sides of the perception. During this two days at CT classes we saw how does our mind reacts. Sometimes old steps have became the superstition and some or the other innocent person is suffering from it. These two days we discussed about many things related to it. Also we discussed how major decisions are taken considering lot of aspects. Instead of criticising them, we also should broaden our thinking.
Facilitators are discussing things very openly. We are enjoying sessions, listening other’s views and how practical the things can be made.

Critical Thinking – Iota

The first two days of CT LC were a lot of fun. My key takeaway from the first day was the clarity we got on what critical thinking means. That 12-minute video was really nice. The activities and discussions were good too. There was not a lot of new learning for me, as I’m also a TOK teacher and have had similar discussions many times, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the first day for the same reason – being a TOK teacher, I could participate well and enjoyed practicing my critical thinking skills. The second way was centered around Oppenheimer. It was an excellent movie and made me think a lot, although not being a regular theatre goer did give me a slight headache. We ended by having a discussion about the movie and some ethics-related questions.

Critical thinking- lota


Session was pretty interested and helpful for the self understanding which helps me and spark the idea how taking decision according to systum 1 and 2 can affect your personal and professional life.


movie (oppenhiemer) gave the understanding of how ethics work at different stage of life while taking decision. Value or using produced idea is bigger than idea producer as it needs more critical thinking.

Critical Thinking – ETA – 2023-24

So in this life class, I had a wonderful session for both the initial days. The main purpose what I was looking for is to understand what critical thinking is all about and how to be a critical thinker because I feel that in all walks of life thinking critically is going to help us to take better and wise decisions for which we don’t have to repent and even something goes wrong then we have the capacity to take the responsibility of our decisions.

The knowledge of the facilitators was up to the mark which has helped us to think critically about each and everything. Grateful to them

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