Integrity Theta- 2021-22 Day 7-8

We watched a movie: My Life. The movie showed how one’s perspective to view life can help deal with difficult moments. We discussed legitimate and illegitimate pain in Vardan sir’s guest session, where we shared opinions on bifurcating different scenarios in the two categories. The conclusion we all came to was that no matter how one feels about the pain, the actions have to be taken after taking in some thought. We may all feel legitimate and illegitimate pain from time to time but we should always be careful about the decisions we take.


This session start with thourgh the small video about implicit bias people are doing consciously or unconsciously.. which canight hurt others emotions or beliefs.. which we can take care of by conscious efforts. Than through the movie we had shown that how people are bias towards each individual… Than the scientific methodology which help to framing and right questions at right time. And for getting that answer you are doing research work as well as collection of evidence will help.. than how different different manipulative advertisements attract the coustomers as well as making fool… We have to be mindful what we have to choose according to our need.. not according to what others want to give..

Critical Thinking – Systematic approach to problem solving

Critical thinking helps in solving problems in a systematic way than just relying on the bais. I have learned that it is important to frame the right question before your question. So asking the right question, identifying the problem, analyzing, evaluating, and then making a decision will be a conscious choice from now on. Thank you so much Heta ma’am and Suchi ma’am for making the workshop interesting and fun.

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