7 Habits Alpha – My Journey

The life class journey which I entered after joining Fountainhead school definately changed my life in a positive way. I came across many new people and got connected to them at the very first day. Our facilitators Rashida Golwala ma’am & Jimmi Lineswala ma’am are so cool and energetic, so never felt any hesitation speaking to them. I wouldn’t have asked for a better facilitators than them. The habits taught in all these sessions are worthy and can make a very big difference in our lives if properly implemented. I loved the EBA ( Emotional Bank Account ) topic as it was so relatable and this is what will be important and required throughout our life. It strengthens any kind of relationship you have with anyone. The life class makes you learn a lot of new things in detail and helps you cope up in what you are lacking in. Every individual is different and every one has some goods and bads in them, this is where the 7 habits help us to make our good the best and our bad the better.



Each situation is an opportunity to do things differently to produce positive results.

It taught me the fundamental difference between things that are urgent and important and how to discern between the two.If you focus only on putting out fires and dealing with urgent things, then you’ll never be able to accomplish anything that is truly important.

And also it taught me when you are focused on the success of others more than or as much as your own success, it is a guaranteed success formula. You don’t claw your way to the top on the backs of others — you are carried there on their shoulders.

One change that i felt in me :-
“Suddenly I saw things differently, and because I saw differently, I thought differently, I felt differently, I behaved differently.”

Jeevan Varg – 7 Habits Alpha

At the beginning I was apprehensive, yet I came to the Life class session bearing in mind that this experience would be similar to visiting a therapist. The only difference would be, instead of a single therapist there would be more people listening to what I have to share. Truly I say to you, the journey by far has been wonderful and why. Because, I got to rediscover and forgive myself. It’s not just the sharing, but understanding and implementing that – it is Okay to say NO to something for your own peace of mind, everything is not under your control, it is good to be proactive and that beginning with the end in mind is the key to positive results (mostly). Remember to say THANK YOU and more importantly say your SORRY(s), well in time. I am truly grateful and pray (out to the #universe) that this experience & learning, should not come to an end 🙂

7 habits Alpha

Lifeclass is something which I was in need and I feel my thirst of knowing different things,different values, different perspectives etc.. are now fulfilled after attending life class sessions at my favourite place i.e Fountainhead school.

I feel there are many things which an indivdual needs to update in themselves in order to grow as a person and in order to make life easy and to have peace of mind.  DAY 6 – SESSION – I learn how to be a good listener. Well it is well said – “Listening is an art where one should be the eyes and ears”. I feel we should strive to be good and empathetic listeners. There are so many problems and suffering each one of us going through in life.. What if we can extend our ears and yes it will cost nothing just to listen, listen to what they feel, listen to what they are going through.

May be in future we would be in their position, so…think.of it….


Prakash Mehta

7 habits Alpha

This life class is a blessing for me and I want to thank FS and our facilitators for the same. Since from Day 1 I can see the change in myself. I am much organised person both personally and professionally. How to implement certain things and where to invest emotionally made my life better. We get life only once and instead of making it boring, let it be more interactive and know who are the one who actually needs you. Appreciating and Apologising that we hardly do, is something that I don’t miss on. Building EBA with others and investing in that have shown fruitful results and made my relationships better. Listening to others patiently and not just keep on speaking, which is really helpful in understanding the other person better. I am really thankful for the life classes and I really don’t want to miss the opportunity of thanking FS for this.

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