Guilty as Charged

The session made us identify what are the internal fears we are dealing with and what can we do differently to transform ourselves from pain to the power side. The movie explained the importance of taking responsibility and transforming oneself for a better outcome and to have peace at hear.

Pain to power

  1. speaking towards people without thinking how they judge. I am the only one who can help myself to get out of fear to deciding what i want to do i learned only from that class . Now i am able to speak for what i am thinking for the things and what i want to do.


मैं वास्तव में आप दोनों सूत्रधारों का धन्यवाद करता हूँ। मैंने अपने जीवन और ताकत को बेहतर बनाने के लिए बहुत सी नई चीजें और तरीका सीखा।
यह एक अच्छा सत्र था कि दर्द की पहचान कैसे करें और इसे काम करने और इसे दूर करने के लिए एक रणनीति बनाएं,

3rd day at integrity theta

Today we start with revision of previous sessions and shown a short film. The shortfilm was about a driver who update himself and improve his working style towards customer satisfaction by the positive influence of his customer.

In the first half, we show movie called “guilty”. Where a character finds the courage to overcome her fear ar the end by spekaing up her mind across society.

Than we were ask to identify fear of life. We also identified the strategy to overcome that fear and put pain to power plan on paper. I will work on the plan till the next session and see how things works.


Integrity Pain to Power

As per the name “Pain to Power”, in today’s session I have identified what are my pains and why I have that particular pain in my life… some are so easy to let it go, and some are really hard to overcome, and by the sharing of participants and facilitators really helped to identify the main problem of that fear or pain, and how to overcome that fear or pain, and I have also got to know on which stage of fear I am… I also learnt about why is it so important to get out of my own comfort zone… and yes it will be very helpful to me in personal and professional life… I will try to overcome my fear and try to get out of my comfort zone real soon.

Integrity- Theta- 2021-22- Day 3

We identified the sources of our pain and fear by reflecting first on how a movie character: “Nanki” transitioned her pain into power by breaking existing paradigms.

I was able to think upon my own vulnerabilities and their root cause. We made a road map of pain to power by figuring out various steps that we would need to take to move from a position of pain to power. Pain is constant and ever-changing, by that what we learned is  how an old pain or fear will be replaced by a new one, however what is extremely important to keep in mind is that any real growth will only happen out of the comfort zone.

Pain to power

The session was enlightening as I identified my vulnerability. Though it was a minor thing, it hampered my growth, my mental peace. I brainstormed a few strategies to overcome my pain and how to convert it to my power. The movie proved to be a cherry on the cake where we could think critically and made connections with our lives.

#integrity theta

– Nami

Integrity Theta

Hello ! After movie and reflection in session today, I could sense how the mission statement aim at integrity pretty well. As a school employee, understanding integrity as whole is gonna help us identify our strength and add on postive dynamism in our life. Noticing how primary greatness can play vital role in one’s life and in that lines how doing needful timely can help us overcome barriers wil lead to balanced life.

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