From Fear to Fantastic- Integrity class reflection

I won’t deny that I had my inhibition for this life class because when entered the room I had some of my prejudices in my head. But one thing I was sure of was that this life class is definitely going to help in my journey of life. Facing your fears right in their face is a thing I would never have done without this class. We always tend to put them under the carpet and fool ourselves that it’s no longer there like a child playing peek-a-boo. Whereas deep down it does prick us. These two days have not only taught me that you have to be honest to yourself when it comes to acknowledging your fears but also some strategies to overcome them. A reassurance from my peers that we all are sailing in the same boat relieves some pain and gives a new zeal to deal with our fears heads on. Looking forward to putting the strategies into practice and overcoming my pain because I know I am going to be the victor in my life story.

I know ‘ I can handle it”

It’s My Life!

We end up blaming people or situations responsible for our condition or for our fears. That is true sometime in life you are offered something you don’t need to do or have or you simply don’t deserve to have, THE PAINS. 

We all know the proverb ‘There is no gain without pain’ but when we actually face pain, we start feeling powerless. The power is the gain that has to be acquired, it doesn’t come to you just like that. In order to get it so easily we start adding the pains to our pain list and list people responsible for these pains. We expect people to step back, we expect the situations to change, we expect help, support, attention and eventually we start believing it that we being powerless is result of someone else’s actions. If I want to feel powerful, will I need others to step back or I will step ahead is the choice that we make. We can be victims or we can achieve victory- choice is ours. That is what our Life Class Integrity is all about. For now the feeling I have through two days experiences is It’s my life! If I will not take charge of it than who will! If I don’t take a step now, than when?

The two side of coins all of us have. If we are weak, we also have strengths to be strong, stronger.. We just need to toss it and start using the other side of us. Trust me these tosses will need to be going on until we are alive. Just say bring it on because I am alive and It’s My Life.

Integrity Life Class Eta

I would like to thank Kavita ma’am and Manisha ma’am for this wonderful session. It was an engaging session. We discussed on several topics. What being a judgemental looks like. what do we understand from integrity. We discussed our real examples where we have applied integrity in our life. What are different types of fear. We also did one activity where we have classified our fears with different levels. In next session we have focused on how to overcome it. We also watched movie “Fatherhood” which was followed by few reflection questions. The session was concluded by a task of preparing mission statement.

Journey of Integrity class- Day 1 & 2

It was a great experience to be a part of integrity class. Learning how to apply different principle that we learnt in life and love class. We started up with understanding the meaning of Integrity and how it differs from being honest. We categorized people in 5 different types beased on their positive and negative approach towards life. We than played a dum-charades of our fears and categorised it in 3 different levels, followed by how be need to overcome it.. ‘I CAN HANDLE IT.’ 

Several Lines from the book ‘Feel the Fear and do it any ways‘ and movie ‘Fatherhood‘ helped us to better understand how we can take actions and overcome the fear that you are having. Everyones has PAIN in life it is imporatant  how you handle it, Power and come as a better person.

Integrity theta

It was a wonderful session, in the session I notice my fear and mead a personal and professional mission statement, and also watch the movie fatherhood and another sort of video and connect with personal expiration. thank you

Overcoming the Fears

It’s normal to have fears. We may experience fear when we ride a bike for the first time or when we start a new job. However, when fears begin to take over your life and affect your functioning, they become a problem. If your fears feel overwhelming, the distress from the fear can interfere with your ability to function. It is important to reflect on your fears and notice how much they affect your life.

It’s easy to ignore or deny your fears, even to yourself. But courage can’t come into play unless you have a fear to face down. By owning your feelings you’ve taken the first step toward gaining control over the situation

Integrity: Eta

Through the life we face  a lot of situations where we have multiple options, some may be favorable or some may be not, but how do we get to a solution for that? do we always choose the correct path and face the consequences that follow or do we choose the other not so correct path and go ahead with the things in our comfort zone! We should keep our presumptions aside and think with all our senses for the situations ahead! We should overcome the fear of getting out of our zones and accept the changes that come our way. A majority of the fears that we have are a result of accepting the changes that the follow. We need to embrace the changes that come our way and enjoy the life with what it brings. Well, saying that there are legitimate fears as well, and some of them or I should say a majority of them are unavoidable, thus the best way to overcome our fears is to face them, irrespective of its type. Embrace the change and enjoy your life!

From Pain to Power!!

Indeed! Life class had been very effective. I learnt how to shift Pain to Power. I developed a new perspective to look at the problem and life. I learnt a lot from the sharing done by my colleagues and facilitators. After attending integrity classes, it has made me delve deeper into my life. I was able to identify and examine the fears which were embedded in. When people share their real life experiences it also helps us to deal with our problems thoughtfully.

Thank you so much Dipti ma’am and Puja ma’am for being such supportive facilitators! 🙂

We all sail in the same boat!

The definition of integrity is different for different people that is what I observed when the first session began. And at the end of the second day I realized that all of us are facing the same types of fears and have our own battle to fight.
When I was asked about the fears I had a lot of them to be added to the list, but eventually I realized that the real fear os facing those fears anyway. Hence, feel the fear and face it anyway.

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