Critical thinking…Diferent perspectives

As I started with critical thinking life class a day back, I thought it would be a lot of heavy talks and I would really be mentally drained at the end of the day.  But the engagements and provocation really helped me understand the content covered in a better manner and I did not feel tired but active and learned how to question my thoughts/beliefs about ideas. The group members sharing their experiences along with the guidance from facilitators enabled me to think, analyze, question my thoughts and experiences. I understood different perspectives and sometimes the reasons behind those perspectives. Discussions related to the different biases made me identify a few of my biases as well and understand where they come from and also how I can make changes to the same.

I enjoyed the rich discussions happening in these two days and looking forward to the classes to come to explore and understand further.

Critical Thinking- The need of an hour

Think critically is what is the hot word of today’s time. The workshop has helped me introspects on my biases and how close and attached are we to the biases we hold. The biases at times are what we consider ‘Critical’. But, is it?? I think it surely demands attention. Moving away from our biases and disconfirming is what I wish to imbibe and practice in my life. I feel that this will help me make a reasonable decision with proper evaluation and analysis.

I enjoyed the session and it has made me think and ponder upon things that I believe are true !! Still, a long way to explore and dig deeper.

Critical Thinking

After attending two days life class, I can understand the importance of critical thinking throughout our life which is helpful to take our decisions. When we take all the steps of critical thinking then the situation is more crystal clear and may be our opinion can be change and you can understand other’s perspectives. There is no place to believe blindly on any thing. To be stress free and to secure our life we should not get into where the crowd is moving. We should pause and think then to move.

Gahan Soch – Critical thinking

Every year when I start the 1st life class, I enter with some idea and I leave with a better understanding of the same idea. I feel critical thinking is something I use almost everyday in my life. But I am excited to understand it better and use it more effectively.

The one thing about life class that can make it and break it for me are the kinds of discussions that happen. And after today I can say that we are surely going to enjoy it  immensely.

Looking at different types of biases and looking for them in my everyday life was an interesting task. I actually had to dig deeper and think critically to make connections.

Looking forward to attend the rest of the sessions!!1

Critical Thinking Batch 2

The first two days of the CT life class have been a roller coaster ride. We discussed a real-life case study of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death and the conspiracy surrounding it. We had an in-depth discussion of the real-life situations wherein we either apply or fail to apply CT. We discussed the five steps of critical thinking and two types of thinking which govern our decision making i.e fast and slow thinking. As a participant, we also explored the efficacy of Homeopathy as alternative medicine and its side-effects too.

On the second day of the session, we discussed different types of biases which we all have as humans and how it affects our life. We shared our experiences and incidences where we displayed those biases in our lives. The activities and the tasks helped us to analyse everything from all the perspective and how to use it in our daily lives. The sharing was tremendous and everyone participated enthusiastically. Somehow, we all identified our biases and got to know that how we could overcome them. Looking forward to more such sessions.

Critical Thinking – Reflection

पहले दो सेशन का अनुभव बहुत ही रोमांचक रहा | किसी भी चीज़ को देखने का और सोचने का नज़रिया बदला जैसे कि सबसे खास ज़िंदगी में हर प्रश्न का उत्तर मिले वो ज़रूरी नहीं है | कैसे Bais होना हमारे निर्णयों पर प्रभाव डालता है | सबसे खास कि कोई भी निर्णय लेने से पहले हमे उस चीज़ के बारे में गहन अध्ययन करना कितना आवश्यक है |
Looking forward to more session

Critical thinking-2021-Batch 2

With the beginning of this Academic year, I was information bias.

As we started with the classes, my interest was growing to learn more and more about the topics. As in this workshop – long discussions, lots of  sharing and group tasks helped us to look at things with different perspectives.

The other thing I learned was to know about different  biases. Many of our fears are also based on these biases and this is what I aim to understand and work on next.

Critical Thinking:

Enjoyed the first days a lot. As participants we thought about our images, learned about biases that develop in our life from our experiences and shared our biases. We had a good laugh at our biases and understood ourselves better. We have started with critically analyzing our thought processes. It was like looking in the mirror without tainted glasses.

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