Decision Making- Integrity-

These 2 days of life class was amazing just because of the real life connection, sharing, movie etc..etc.. I felt that I was the one who can’t able to take such decision or I felt that lack of confidence but after reading such things and listening the sharing, I feel that I can try and take a decision for my self for any thing. I have to bring that confidence back and live my life the way I want.

Thank you facilitators and participants of my class to make these sessions interactive and fruitful..

Failure or Success?? NAH!!- It’s a JOURNEY

“Success comes from good experiences and good experiences comes from bad experiences.”– Sandeep Maheshwari

“I’ve not FAILED. I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”- Thomas Edison

The above mention quotes, precisely states that it’s not the failure or success which defines you. It’s the journey which will shape your life. When you take wrong decision, you would be broken at some point of life. When you take right decision, you would be successful at some point of life. However, it’s all about the journey between breaking and making yourself that matters the most.

If you decide to learn how to ride a bicycle, it’s guaranteed that you will fall (failure). Every time you fall, you learn a little more about balance. So what have I learned during this cycling experiment? Try as much as possible to avoid failure and embrace it when it happens. It’s part of a learning journey that eventually leads to success if you persevere long enough.

Life Class Reflection.

It’s very important to enjoy one’s own company. the first day we started our session movie” kuchh bheege Alfaj”. The movie was very motivational and teach us to love ourselves. Our happiness is in our hands. We need to balance our emotional intelligence with confidence as well as gratitude for ourselves. We need to learn to appreciate ourselves as well as others surrounding us. Furthermore, words spoken cannot be taken back. Hence it is very important to be mindful of our words too. we also learn about how to make a decision and we should not be a worry for right and wrong and the outcomes of it. we should follow the process of making decisions. These life classes really give us the strength to behave a positive approach towards life. Let’s stay contented and be satisfied with our lives.

Life is beautiful :)

There was amazing experience in Integrity class.I have learned so many things which are really helpful to me to add values to my life.I share my things to my closed ones.Attending these classes is to giving some extra time to my life to understand others as well as myself too.I also enjoyed a lot with my participants in different activities.

Happy to attend integrity classes sessions and seeking for more values from upcoming life classes.

Thank u so much to our facilitators (Ranjana ma’am and Chandni ma’am) to teach and deeply explained.

Kaushal H. Sailor


These two days of Integrity Life class were the most helpful for my personal and professional life. I learnt different things firstly, how to take big decisions in life, considering No-Lose and No-Win Model. I learnt a new approach to crack the difficult choices and also learnt a lot from my colleagues. Secondly, I also learnt about how one can transfer one’s self from pain to power by taking good decisions.


The above lines sum ups the learning of two days. For me, this was the most endearing and fruitful session. A quote that I follow “Make bold choices and make mistakes. It’s all those things that add up to the person you become.” by Angelina Jolie. I enjoyed learning the process of decision making and could connect to it very well. It is okay to fail, to fall, to stop for a while, to disappoint, to feel alone, to get lost because this all will help you become who you are. The process is hard but worth it.

Integrity Class reflection

Talking about these life classes, they are just revitalizing, energetic, positive. Talking about these two days of life classes, they were just unbelievable. The discussion was stupendous. Facing own fear, accepting it, searching for the solutions within. We call ourselves INDIVIDUALS, but the feelings and emotions are just the same. Sharing our personal journey and story we realized how complex our world is and while we search for the answers in the world, the solutions lie within us. We just need to remove the blindfolds and see what life has for us. Happiness in Challenges, Glory in weakness, Beauty in adversity, hope in turmoil, and Life in Life.

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