Integrity- Reflection- 23/1/2021

As per our today’s session which was mainly about the discussion of RAP sheet. I listened everyone’s problems and also discussed some solutions and from that I thought that the way we are thinking “only my problem is big or why I should always face the problems in life” is totally wrong. nothing is too much tough for us.. the videos which I have seen in the class, i so much connected to it.. Thanks to my facilitator and participants.. because of them I can try to overcome my problems and will try to see in a different way..

Feeling of satisfaction

Today we did a healthy discussion on how to face various real-life situations with different perspectives. A positive approach and thought to deal with it, changes all. So, to make yourself at peace do not expect a reward, appreciation from others. You are doing best so praise yourself and keep aloof from the surrounding or the thoughts which creates the feeling of unsatisfaction, irritation.


Today’s session was very interactive wherein we shared our fears and problems. There was a healthy discussion on everyone’s fear. I understood that it is within us to overcome our fear and face it without thinking of the end result. Facilitators were very supportive and participative. They ensured that each person participated in the discussion.

Integrity- Reflection

It’s very important to enjoy one’s own company. This helps us get going with an optimistic attitude. Our happiness is in our hand. We need to balance our emotional intelligence with confidence as well as gratitude for ourselves. We need to learn to appreciate ourselves as well as others surrounding us. Furthermore, words spoken cannot be taken back. Hence it is very important to be mindful of our words too. These life classes really gives us strength to behave a positive approach towards life. Let’s stay contented and be satisfied with our lives.


Today the RAP sheet of all the participants were discussed and there was active participation from everyone, our life class mentors gave their examples and motivated us to share what steps we should take to overcome the problems that we are facing, what pain it has caused, and in the beginning how 2020 treated everyone were there any positives in the pandemic.


Today’s session we learnt that it’s okay to choose yourself over others. Be yourself, be vulnerable, imperfect, you don’t have to please people every time. You are responsible for your happiness. Fight for your fear, take one step at a time and you win over your fear the day you decide from within and don’t seek for someone’s approval or help. So embrace the Glorious mess you are!

Integrity 2020-21

The most important thing that I learnt today was to appreciate what we have and if we want to do something new or take a new step in life, lets do it right now. No time will be right time. If you have trust on what you want and communicate it to the world without any fear, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.

Loved the sharing and learning

Integrity_Life Class

It was really an insightful session. I could reflect my life problems and analyse the their causes and could also think about resolutions. I found constructive remedies for my problems, I could also reflect on my paradigms. These classes are really helpful to take a break and re-look at my professional and personal life. I could also learn a lot from the RAP Sheet sharing done by my colleagues.

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