Pain convert in to power

Today’s Integrity class was engaging and quite useful. I learned how pain converts into power when we start taking responsibility for our actions. I learned how positive statement impact on our mind and on our life. Now onwards I will speak that I could rather than I should. I will learn from my journey rather than making it terrible. A mission statement is something that shows a mirror to me where I am standing and where I will be.

Integrity Theta – Life Class

It was a great experience learning a lot from my colleagues about their fears and ways to handle it. My today’s take away from the LC is taking life from pain to power. It requires a lot of will and determination to take our difficult situations from pain to power. In order to implement the learning I also stated the same in my Mission Statement. I am all set to take my life from should to could, problem to opportunity and fear to I can handle it.

Positive affirmations help transform a life

I have extended my learning thoroughly. Words definitely matter and transform one’s life. It has helped me understand the pain to power path. The way we use the positive affirmations, they help us lay a powerful impact on our life. I have now learnt how to control my conscious as well as subconscious mind with strong and poweful words. Words like I can and I have truly are the most spectacular words…which can definitely create magic if they are given stress. I have also got an opportunity to understand the learnings by re learning and putting them into practice.

Critical Thinking ” Awesome First Three Days”

“You have a brain and mind of your own. Use it, and reach your own decisions”.- Napoleon Hill

It is rightly said and that is what I learned in these three days. One of the biggest hallmarks of critical thinking is the capacity for independent thought. Here we learn about where and when you need to think critically. Not only for your big decisions in life but it actually helps in day-to-day life. Initially, It’s like what is this bias but today when I did an activity, It actually clears my thought process. Sometimes being critical leads to overthinking so we need to be mindful when to control our thoughts and when to look at all the skeptical perspectives and take the decision. Sessions are helpful to enhance my decision-making skills considering all the “BIAS”, shifting paradigms and beliefs.



My take away from today’s class is ‘ We become what we say’. Use words in your life which have positive connotations rather than negative meaning. As when you repeatedly use those words, you tend to believe and achieve them ultimately. Thus, overcome fears!!

Face your fear!

The third day of Life class was all about how taking a small step for yourself helps you overcome your fear. It is a matter of affirmation and Action.

I am happy to be part of such learning where I am prepared to face fear or whatsoever situation comes my way.

I am Positive and Powerful!


“Critical Thinking”

“CRITICAL THINKING” The word itself made me think about what are we going to do in this life class. I hope it’s not boring and so on. But the very first day, in the first half I felt “WOW, It’s interesting.” Critical thinking leads to more research and looks for solutions. It helped us ponder upon our cognitive bias, think rationally, beliefs, and values of our traditions. Having a lot of bias is not harmful but that should affect us and others.  It had taught me when to think and how much to think. It’s not that we think critically every time. The exercises were very interesting and engaging. Looking forward for more sessions.

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