Love class Zeta

It’s been a great journey during the love class. I have applied a few things that I’ve learned during these sessions, selfless love, and being more practical rather than being into fairytale love stories. But, the most important thing that I am taking away from this love class is the art of forgiveness. forgiving your self and others for your own piece of mind. I want to share this incident how I applied this art of forgiveness, I had a fight with one of my best friend. There was some misunderstanding between us. I approach her one day because she stopped taking with me, I was trying to clear things but, without any reason, she scolds me in front of everyone, I mean publicly she was yelling on me, the way I have approached her I was not expecting that reaction from her. After that, I did not say anything cause I realise that she is angry. And when she is angry she will not think of anything. Yes, I do have my self-respect so I walked off. then almost after a month I called her and said, why don’t we start from the beginning, I am sorry for what I did. Then she was like you don’t have to say that. It was me who did wrong. we both have forgiven each other, and after that our bond became stronger like never before.

Love classes

No one can deny the fact that ,the four letter word LOVE has a great impact on everyone’s life.

Love has different definition for each individual on the earth, yet most difficult word to define or practice. Love according to me is something that comes without conditions.

During my journey of Love classes I came across many more definitions of Love.I became aware of different elements of Love like  Responsibility, Respect ,Knowledge and Care. I got the knowledge of principles of marriage like Friendship,equality ,commitment. Eight stages of Love, Parenting, Forgiveness and many more priceless things.

What my take aways from these session  are Love is an action , an effort which I needs to make consistently. I have also started implementing the concept of Forgiveness as it helps us to be at peace.Also I started Loving myself because Without Self love one cannot Love others.

Words cannot justify how deeply Love classes have affected my personal and professional life. The sharing Of Love classes I shall cherish forever. I extend my gratitude to Jay sir and Nikita Ma‘am for being good friends first and than great facilitators.Loved to be a part of your Classes.

Lastly, The words which motivated me the most are Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do it, Hate cannot drive out that only Love can do it.”


What Love Class is all about……

Love class is just not about romantic love or parental love, it is about self love!

Love is not being dependent on each other but gives you feeling of independence. It is when two people are capable of living without each other choose to live together. It is acceptance of each other without expecting to change.

Through this classes I learned many things like life is not easy not even the parenting, the importance of forgiveness to make your own self happy, the difference between legitimate and illegitimate pain and last but not the least importance of expressing your love which has really touched my heart.

To summarize, love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own spiritual growth. Thank you Jay sir and Nikita ma’am for being such a great facilitators and get us into the essence of what love really is.

Love Class_Zeta_Prachi Shah

I was excited for the Love class while I was attending the life class last year.On the 1st day When the 1st love class started with life is difficult, I started reconsidering the thought of being excited about it.
But then I realized slowly, that a lot of things made sense when they started talking about legitimate and illegitimate pain. I liked the sessions on family, parenting and forgiveness. I could connect a lot of things with the bond I share with my parents. I liked the book, but Sharing – whether it was facilitators(Jay sir and Nikita ma’am’s examples) or things shared by us (participants), gave me a lot of insight on how different people think and do things in the different context and what works in one situation cannot be applied to another. A major belief that has strengthened in the process is  that love is extending oneself. It is a choice of putting in efforts to nourish any relationship you have
Thank you Nikita ma’am and Jay sir for all the love (efforts :P) that you people  put in to plan and take these session for us! I don’t know how but somehow you knew exactly what to speak when to lead the discussion to the point that was to be made!

The Beautiful Journey Called Love

”Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it.”

                                                                  – M. Scott Peck, The Road Less Travelled

I would like to begin this post with this quote that we came across on the very first day of our Love Class. I cannot believe how fast this another year went by! I have always waited eagerly for these Life Class days since the time I joined Fountainhead.

This year, Love classes helped me break many of the myths I had on life, love, people, and relationships. It taught me how important it is to let go of our ego and how rewarding the act of forgiveness is. Honestly speaking, I am still yet to apply many things that I have learnt in these classes in my personal life. But after assimilating the fundaments of love, relationships/marriage, and parenting, I cannot wait to implement them in my life in the future.

And of course, I would like to thank our facilitators, Jay Sir and Nikita Ma’am, from the bottom of my heart for taking out their precious time, sharing their insights and supporting us throughout this journey.


Love Class Zeta_Francis James

To begin with I would like to thank the facilitators for creating such an environment where we were been able to share about our experiences, i would also like to thank each an every member of this group for sharing their experiences and their perspectives about what is ‘LOVE’.  Love classes have totally changed my perspective and the misconceptions what i had about Love. I have learned many things from this class about Love,forgiveness and parenting,

Love yourself for who you are. If you love yourself and have self respect, you will reflect love. You will learn to forgive and understand others perspectives, you become a better listener.

-Love is unconditional
-have learned about parenting through others experiences.
– forgiving yourself first, you will learn to forgive others and which ultimately leads to peace of mind.
Love is not at all about dependency, instead, it’s more about the balance between your independence, your identity along with nurturing the other person.
Overall, love class taught me great lessons for life and now i understand why it’s THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED……

Love class Zeta_Sanjana Narang

‘Life begins at the end of comfort zone’, and when it comes to love, we generally try to find a fairytale and a happily ever after in our lives. This four letter word, LOVE, holds the ability to bring in turmoil in one’s life if they continue to believe in happily ever after. To live life, knowing and understanding the true meaning of love is essential.
Love is about taking actions, forgiving, understanding and moreover finding comfort in the discomfort and all this isn’t about emotions. It is more about making decisions to maintain peace in the discomforts to grow spiritually.
I would genuinely like to thank my facilitators Jay sir and Nikita ma’am to make us feel comfortable by bringing in their life experiences and making these classes a happy place. Thank you. 🙂

Love Class_Zeta_2018-19

“Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth… Love is as love does. Love is an act of will — namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.”  ― M. Scott Peck


When we all listen to this four letter word “LOVE” we connect it to the love between the couples, the emotions, the feelings, all the good things, and moreover the myth that “Love is a Feeling”. But, when we got the opportunity to attend Love Classes, the whole perception was changed. The myth that Love is a feeling was totally changed to “Love is an action” which means that you need to express it through your actions be it your love for your spouse, sibling, friends or parents.

The other sessions covered about forgiveness, marriage, parenting and the myths of parenting which were quite insightful.

Forgiveness: I never understood the true essence of forgiving someone. At times we hold on to grudges with our dear ones for some small arguments which is much easier than to forgive someone. Forgiving needs a lot of courage and plays an important role in one’s emotional well being, it is not only about forgiving someone but it is for your own peace of mind and it really worked well when implied in real life. It makes life easier.

Marriage: I understood that there are different stages of marriage which is a cycle and we all experience each stage at one or the other point of time.

During the journey of Life and Love Classes, when our co-participants including our facilitators shared their learning through their real-life examples and the situations, we were also enlightened.

What have I learned from these classes – to be a good listener, not to judge others, be empathetic and have developed an understanding which gives a way to solve the problem as Problems are a part of life and inevitable.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jay Sir and Nikita Ma’am for patiently listening to us and making this journey of Love Class more beautiful.




Love class_Zeta_2018-19

The Miraculous Experience…

I used to think love is effortless but I understood thoroughly that ‘Love is effortful’. Understanding and listening to people play a significant role when you actually love them. These classes helped me tremendously to improve on myself. I have started stepping into the shoes of others and I always rethink before speaking. I am glad to look at things from a different perspective.

Furthermore, the aspect which galvanized me the most is ‘forgiveness’. This needs a lot of valour to forgive someone. The aha moment was when I realized to forgive yourself is more strenuous. I have forgiven myself for all the mistakes I have done in past and I have accepted myself the way I am.

Next, I loved to learn about ‘parenting’.  I am not a parent nevertheless it helped me to understand my parents’ feelings and their expectations. Moreover, it helped me to understand the psychology of my students’.

“A lot of people have gone further then they thought,

          They could because of someone else thought they could!”  

– Unknown

Thanks to Jay sir and Nikita ma’am for being so empathetic and great listeners each time. It was an immense pleasure to be with you. I learned a lot many things and this learning is going to be with me a lifetime.

Love Class – Zeta

It was a amazing journey with the classes that I have attended so far during life class sessions & now its a stage of love class which have added an extra feather on me. Love is that one word that holds number of different meanings to every individual & it was also different for me. Love is extending yourself. Love is not only for spouse or parents but it can be for anyone and can happen anytime. Knowing about 7 stages of marriage was insight full session. To lead and happy & healthy life forgiveness is very important. We need to forgive our self before forgiving others, it is essential for personal & emotional growth and mental peace.

It was a good experience attending the Love class. Listening to experiences of different people is a thing that I enjoy and is also very helpful to me. I would like to express my gratitude to Jay Sir and Nikita ma’am for constantly sharing their life stories with us and also motivated us to actually introspect and bring this workshop to life.

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