Life class

In life, We all are know what is good or bad for yourself. It sounds good to hear these 7 habit during life class session but it is not easy to follow in real life. No one become effective and successful person by reading 2-3 books. In life class session, I carefully listen to the facilitators but I don’t like to share personal thing and problem. I am speak only when facilitators ask me.


Because of this life classes I started work on below habit : –

  • Prioritize my task
  • Walk everyday 45 minute


Thank you mayur sir and khushboo ma’am for guidance and support for life class session.

Life A Mathematical Sum

life is like a mathematical sum. the action we take in every different situation in every movement is the values of that sum and our future is our answer. when we change our values( action ) the answer( future ) will change itself. when I again did the 7 habits I feel it definitely affect my action the way I take.
in the end
When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

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