Reflation: Fears

I got to know about the fear and types of it. I had never thought of it that I may have a fear. but after attending the workshop, I realised the true destination of fear. I can say fears get changed according to situations and our reactions.

I am so happy that I got a chance to attend our lovely mentors Ms. Bhargavi and Ms. Kavita. They are very friendly that everyone can share the experiences in a class which is very hard for me.

Critical Thinking………Don’t go by words and over think

As per my understanding about CT was that i need to analyze each and every thought that came to your mind but then there was paradigm shift that ,yes it requires analysis but it doesn’t mean that you put everything under lens and scrutinize it.i also came across lots of bias during session,Confirmation bias was one which i may come across number of times in life.As per this bias we take up information from one source and then unconsciously accept it.This also lead us to take decision whether good or bad,But then we can also take more information before taking decision based on gravity of condition.Bandwagon bias is where people agree on one decision if they are working in same group for long.This may distract group members from correct decision.As a leader this also questions me that whether a decision that i take is correct or just taken for sake of group interest……….

Thanks to Shezin Ma’am and Mariyam Ma’am for being good facilitators …

Critical thinking: rational thinking

I had a belief that decisions are to be taken by keeping the emotions at bay. But after attending the first day of the critical thinking workshop I got an insight that a person should think emotionally also while concluding or making decisions.


Moving forward with the type of biases I have been operating I could relate to this after my recent family gathering at my place on Raksha Bandhan is “social desirability” bias. On the last day of our family gathering, we all 3 families(brother in law/sister in law/mine) sat together to decide upon our next gathering which was planned for Diwali vacation. As usual most of the family members decided to go to the nearby place spending some amount of money in order to get a break from the routine and have leisure time. In this case, I always had and still have the opinion of visiting different locations/places rather than visiting the same place every year. In order to be accepted by all the members of the family, I agreed to them and quit in arguing or discussing my own views. I do agree that here I was having the fear of being a sole odd one out in the entire family and wanted to be with them at any cost. But as this workshop has ignited the spark of convincing people around and persuade them with some logical reasons  I would definitely try out this time and take a chance of visiting some different place.

THE!!!!Critical Thinking session!!!!!

This is the 5th/6th attempt to write my reflection on the Critical Thinking sessions. And still I am not clear or sure as to what to write because I am scrutinizing my each and every thought. I feel like that child who got an out of the box toy and is wondering and figuring out what to do? how to do? why to do? when to do?

Today after the half the session, I now know few things, first, whatever I am thinking or whatever thought process goes in in my decision making is “NOT MY FAULT” Thank God!!!! (Some bias is working here, will find out which one). Second, now that I know there is some manufacturing defect in me and that’s the reason I think in a certain manner, I need to do something about it so that that or any other type of defect is not passed on to my off-springs because that’s how it has passed on to me.(Well I know it’s late, because my off–springs are already 13 and 7) but ummeed pa duniya kaayam hae!!!! I still have time (hopefully) to make a difference in their lives. Third, whatever I decide to do to change my way of thinking there will be some bias working. IT’S OK. Because being human I just trying to SURVIVE in my own way, but at least I am aware of what I am doing and why I am doing. Fourth, It’s good to have people with diverse opinion for the best result. That’s one way to grow.

I really like this session because it has given me 2 more roles to play – a convincer – which I am very good at, and – a convincee – which is my struggle area, I don’t give in easily again because I am trying to SURVIVE.

To end it, I am learning about who I am and why I am like this? It’s good way to start re-building myself again.

Keep questioning…

The world gets more complex every day. There is only one way to cope:through command of our mind by doing enough critical thinking. Thinking more effectively gives us greater control over our life and helps us deal better. Critical thinking is no mystery now as it consists of practical skills that anyone can learn, practice and improve. The first step to improving our thinking skills is to evaluate the information that we receive on a daily basis. Before doing something based on information that someone else told us, we do our research!. Everyday work and life are an endless patterns of decisions. Some of the decisions are small while some are large and life-changing. When our patterns of decision-making are rational, we live a rational life. When our patterns are irrational, we live an irrational life. While rational decisions maximize the quality of our life and our chances of happiness and successful living. Critical thinking improves our decision-making abilities by raising our patterns of decision-making to the level of conscious choice.

Is Critical Thinking always necessary?

This thought keeps coming to me again and again.- Is Critical Thinking always necessary?

Learning critical thinking can be a lifelong process, but unless one knows when and where it should not be applied, it may result into complicating matters as far as social/ family situations are concerned.

Understanding the basis of reasoning and how has the human ability to reason evolved with time for a purpose, does give a rationale for Critical thinking being an essential skill for survival as well as to form well informed decisions and beliefs.

Biases and Critical thinking go hand in hand. The impact of biases on decision making is something that we fail to realize unless we involve people having opinion which is not in alignment with ours. The best decisions can be made if they are made by a group of individuals not necessarily having the same belief system.

Overcoming the biases will definitely help make informed analysis and apply critical thinking. To find out the biases and then thinking critically in any situation will be helpful, because it will give a scope for different perspectives.

When I took up the quiz shared by Mariyam Ma’am, the result was that I have “Negativity Bias” which I do agree to a certain extent. And I could very well introspect and relate to certain decisions where this bias has played a role.

Critical thinking is not necessary to be applied in all situations but definitely essential skill to develop to be able to read our thoughts, train them and make informed choices/decisions.




Reflection of Integrity Class

Listening to the fears of other made me wonder, I too have them, but it is worth challenging my fears with the strategies and the ways to overcome them. As an individual when I self-analyzed myself, I have found out that these classes have acted as a mirror to reflect on my doings and bring a positive change in life.

Fear needs to be faced and challenged which in turn will help us lighten ourselves.
Face it and leave all the worries behind…

Looking forward to more sharing of inputs to understand life in a true sense.

Reflection of Integrity class – 1

We started the 2 day session on a very positive note by sharing our idea of the term ” INTEGRITY”.

Most of us were of the opinion that it means to be honest to yourself and others at all times. But, the very first step in being honest is to openly accept your fear and face it, no matter what. Each one of us had some or the other fear, as small as that of an insect to as big as that of losing a nearest and a dearest person. The bottom line is to learn to be courageous and face it!

Thank you Bhargavi ma’am & Kavita ma’am for facilitating this so well! Looking forward  to learning much more in near future .. 🙂

My thinking – on my own thinking…!!!

Since I chose to learn through the CT workshop, I was thinking that what will be the content of this workshop. However, after attending the first session the initial questions were answered related to the workshop.

Analyzing my own thinking style after the workshop, I was able to make a connection that confirmation bias is leading my thoughts. Nowadays according to my new role anyways I am confirming everything before I make any decision. In my professional life, I am dealing with this bias on a day to day basis. In personal life also I felt the same. For example, I used to ask my friend that how this newly released movie is? I also used to check ratings? Moreover, I used to see the trailer of the movie and add value to my own decision.

Hence, I came to a conclusion that “Confirmation Bias” is leading my thoughts and decision.

With regards,

Ravindra Agrawal

Who am I?

I  was wondering what they will teach in Integrity class. I got newer understanding  “What is Integrity?” First I thought doing what you say and what you do in all the situations is called Integrity. It will be so heavy. Talking more about commitments. I used to think I am the person with integrity but the question which was posed “Do we really mean what we say?” “Do we say you will do something and then not do it?” This question really made me introspect deeper I started thinking deeply and reflecting on me. 

 I was so confused between mind and heart whom to listen and what to do.  I got an answer  because I have so many fears. While introspecting  some fears were known  but now I know the root cause. Why  it happening with me? How will I face this question generally pops in my mind. While sharing was done I realized that  I am  not the only one out there feeling fear. Everyone feels fear when taking a step into the unknown. After listening to all I felt my fear is nothing Why I am making it so big by thinking on it. I was amazed by listening how nicely they handle it, overcome, so strong.

 Then I could  make connections there were so many fears by trying and not giving up I have face it and felt so good when I achieve it.

But for deep rooted fear it is still a challenge.  I  am trying to  overcome  slowly by taking baby steps to remain positive, believing, trusting. I keep asking universe what is purpose of my life?  I feel  blessed and privileged to be a part of this workshop it showing me the path giving my answers who I am?  How I can change my limitations into my strengths. Why do I feel it? How can I face it?   Best part of workshop is sharing. Every one has a story which is touching someone’s heart and  getting motivation  how to handle or face it.


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