‘LOVE’ is Everywhere if you find!!!

According to me its more about your self and for partner, how conditioing for the love.Its not that if you ar not showing love through words than it dosnt mean you are not respecting others love but its about inside how you feeling about your loveones. Feelings and emotions are real. If you truly love a person, you will love them forever, even though they can’t see you that way. That’s why love is always unconditional.If you just hope for being loved back, that’s not love to begin with, it is just some business deal. You love because your feelings for her is real, deep and true. It is not because we haven’t found a better one. It is not because we aren’t able to find someone better than her. It is not because rejection has hurt us and hit us hard. It is not because we are obsessed. It is not because our ego got hurt real bad. It is just because we truly love that person.Love is all about how good friends you are, how much you understand each other, how much you care for each other and how willing you are to know each other. It is about how dedicated and passionate you are towards your relationship, Not only this, love is about how supportive of each other you are and how much you are able to accept each other’s flaws and constantly work to remove them. It’s all about you allow to grow into the best version of themselves.

Reflection by Kopal

The session on family and parenting was quite insightful. Though I’m not a parent still I could connect as a teacher because we are role model for our children. They learn and observe even out minute gestures. Our values and attitudes impact their lives to a great extend. To be thoughtful of our actions and words is utmost important. We are their world at initial stages. Teachers are not only to look and evaluate the academic aspect, rather the holistic development of the child by cooperating and aligning with the parents. To give direction and mould one’s life is not an easy job, nor it is everybody’s cup of tea. It requires certain maturity and mindfulness to direct a child in a rightful direction. Our vision for our children should be clear and not so demanding. They are individuals and their purpose to be introduced with this life is not so limited to our vision. Rather we should facilitate them to have their own vision and clarity of life. Develop skills through which they can give meaning to their lives. To uncover or formulate an individual’s  purpose in life is certainly not possible, rather unfair. Discussing about family made me realise what do we actually think as a family is quite subjective. The pace has changed, the requirements have changed, our priorities and circumstances have changed. What we might think as a family is no more a family. And what we can’t expect from strange people from different backgrounds are serving as a family. So it depends from individual to individual what they considers as a family. For me family is, to whom you associate your entire life and which is inseparable. The love class was definitely beneficial for the overall well being because getting exposure to such great thoughts and philosophies and real examples of life is a beautiful experience and learning for a life long journey.

Love classes

We all become weak in the knees when it comes to the word “LOVE”. A four letter word sure to creep out even the strongest. The commitments, the hard work and the time just to understand love is tremendous…

In a span of just a year, Love has become a less frightening thing for me. Marriage to be precise was like a monster under my bed which I prayed never to face. Understanding the fundaments of what a true love, marriage and parenting are about, one becomes more and more comfortable with the concepts of these three.

The sharing of these classes I shall cherish for years to come. I extend my gratitude to Brinda ma’am and Krishna ma’am for helping me come over my fears and paradigm.

Here’s to a new beginning… <3


Fatema Topiwala


Love_Zeta 2017-18

Before attending Love class i had some peradimes that Love classes are very boring, its going to be very heavy etc. But it was not at all like that. It went very smoothly. My perception for love  got changed after attending these sessions. Learnt how to balance all the relationships whether it is with your partner or with friends or parents or anyone. There were many things about which i was aware but never thought in depth. I got solution for my many doubts at the end of this beautiful journey of love class. I will try to implement my learning in both professional and personal life.

Actual meaning of LOVE

After attending LOVE CLASSES at fountainhead school,my perspective has been changed towards love:

Love is something you do: the sacrifice you make, like a mother bringing a newborn into the world.

Love is sacrifice for others, even for people who offend or do not love in return.

Apart from LOVE we have also learnt about paradigms of parenting and actual parenting.

I would like to appreciate my facilitators- Nandani Aswani and Priyanka Chabbra who have taken out their precious time  to educate  and to give us the immense knowledge about LOVE.



Jyoti Pugalia

Love “Redefined”

My journey with the classes I attended so far has been an amazing one, & love class has added an extra feather to the cap. Love is that one word that holds number of different meanings to every individual & it was no different for me as well. But I must say, this class just happened at the “Right time” & shed away so many confusions or ambiguity that I had but never shared. It has proved to be a blessing in disguise, & especially the discussions that we has in the classes make us realize that we all go thru the same stuff at different points of our life, & how each one of us have different perception of the same situations!! which is so incredible. For me the take away from this class is: LOVE IS AN ACT OF WILL & LOVE IS AN ACTION!! It is an effort that one needs to make everyday, a promise to be kept forever to keep going. I sincerely thank my facilitators & enthusiastic participants to help me get clarity & add better meaning to my life! Keep going, Keep growing @Love class! Manisha ma”am, Roshan ma”am, Priti ma”am- you 3 rock thank you for the never ending support!!



My perception about Love…

My journey this year has totally given me a totally new insight into love. Moreover, it has been an amazing journey with such mindful facilitators and empathetic members.

My perspective has always been about love is to feel, whereas now I know this isn’t enough and how feeling and expressing goes hand in hand. And how it prevails in all kinds of love from friends to parents – kids and similarly a bond between a teacher and the students.

Love is not at all about dependency, instead, it’s more about the balance between your independence, your identity along with nurturing the other person.

I’m highly positive and thrilled to look forward to the road less traveled…


Palak Arora.

Love Classes Reflection

It was a wonderful experience to attend 7 habits and love classes.during these sessions whatever we have learn through the sharing of the other participants and by the facilitators has indeed helped to look at the life with a different perspective , If we have discipline in life we can achieve whatever we want . Love is not holding someone close to you but it’s all about letting go and extending your self.We first have to love our own self. To have a better life forgiveness is very important. It’s not only about forgiving others but  but also forgiving your own self. what is right parenting  ? how can we deal with certain situations ? these all were worth learning and will surely help me in future professionally and personally both.

Also i am thankful to fountainhead for conducting such good initiatives and also to my facilitators Brinda ma’am and Krishna ma’am for the excellent learning experience and  understandings

Reflection_Love Classes

Attending Love Classes has been an opportunity to know or understand love from a different perspective. What we generally believe love to be as a feeling or a set of emotions but what is said by Scott Peck, “Love is an action.” is a quite different viewpoint. This has been a point where it required me to take a pause and ponder over it. Action is something that is tangible and love has been understood as an abstract term. In fact, “The very existence of a human being is love from a spiritual perspective and hence one cannot really talk about a human being and love as two separate entities.” (Sri Sri, Art of Living)
These classes have catered to love at various fronts or relations like Marriage, Parenting and love in any relationship. Discussion and interaction with the participants have, indeed, enhanced my understanding. I am sure that this learning and insights will help me personally as well as professionally in all my dealings.
Thanks to all the facilitators who tried their best and helped all of us grow in these life classes in the true sense of the term.
Mohini R. Bachani

Love class reflection

After attending the love classes at Fountainhead School, i feel that its not only about the genuine love but its about the parenting and family also. I have learnt the concept of forgiveness as well as to forget the things which come across in our life.

Also, through this love class i have created the vision for my child. So, would like to thank you the Facilitators and also Vardan sir and Ankita Ma’am for giving us such platform.

Thanks and Regards,

Archi Shah



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