Life skills & RAK (Day 1 & 2)

Before the beginning of the session, we were wondering about what service is, what actions are actually kind……….

The first day, when we entered for the session, we were asked what service means to us and which experience touched our heart? All of us thought about it and came up with multiple definitions of service…. We were curious to know all the answers and we all held our answers for the most awaited session led by Parag Sir.

The discussion about service was introspected by what it actually meant to us. All of us had different opinions about service- like service is a selfless action, service gives inner peace, service is giving things to needy etc… Finally Parag sir shared his experience by saying, “Service should be unplanned and without expectations, doing without thinking, service comes naturally once you adopt it as a nature.”

He too shared multiple experiences of different people but one thing touched my heart when he gave us an example of his friend Mr Jayesh. He said, “One day, he was travelling with his friend by car and they stopped at the signal. A young beggar came towards them. Mr Jayesh rolled down the window and spoke to him inquiring about his name and education. Also, he turned the louvers of the AC towards the young boy to make him feel better under the hot sun. When the signal was about to turn green, he shook hands with the young boy and gave him money. Parag Sir asked his friend surprisingly, “What kind of act is this?” He explained that he tried to befriend a young boy in order to develop equality between them. We were amazed to listen to the friend’s reply. 

At the end of the session, we got a clear understanding that seva is not giving materialistic things but giving your time, listening to others, helping others by extending yourself is the real seva.

Ashwin bhai, the school electrician, explained us how we can save electricity, how to read an electricity bill. We learnt the important lesson of switching off the power after charging the phone. We have now become responsible about electricity conservation.

In one of the sessions, we began our day by helping the kitchen staff. We took up different roles like peeling, chopping, cooking, making tea/lemonade, serving. By the end of the day, we realised how difficult it is to be in the kitchen for such long hours and to cook for 2500 people daily. We have decided to appreciate the hard work done by kitchen staff and not to crib about small things. All the male members of the group decided to appreciate their wives/mother who cook for them.


Dimple Topiwala, Jimmi Lineswala, Priyanka Patel, Dharmesh Patel, Hitesh Surti

Visit to an old age home

“Refire! Don’t Retire: Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life.” – Kenneth H. Blanchard.

The community service group initiated their journey by visiting Bhartimaiya old age home in first two sessions.

During our visit, we met different people living there with different perspectives. We were able to connect many of our learnings from Life, Love and Integrity classes.

Here are some of our takeaways from the visit :

  • “Our life is our choice” was reaffirmed. Some of them had a very bitter experience in their life while few of them were so positive – they stated that life is struggle just accept it and enjoy it.
  • One should plan for the future- don’t be dependent on others. Have a secure life – plan finance, stay healthy and eat healthy, meditate. Never compare yourself with others, instead compare yourself with your yesterday and plan for tomorrow (shared by Mrs. Kamla Chawla who lives happily there since past 9 years).
  •  Live your passion and keep it alive. Keep exploring – its never too late. Don’t wait for any opportunity instead go and ask for it. Believe in yourself.
  • We met a couple who were the educationalists and got some helpful insights about the educational system.They were happy to know the teaching-learning methods that we follow.

After this visit, our perspectives about old age and old age home has changed. One should secure a better future by planning in present to experience beautiful old age.


Community Service Group