Art and skill-Self-Esteem and Self-Expression Art and skill

I was always passionate about the artworks but through this art and skill classes.I could develop my skills.I enjoyed and learnt lippin art,thread bag,glue gun painting,cloth painting,mandala art.

As I look back on the workshop, I am grateful for the lessons learned and the memories created. It was a time of growth, exploration, and inspiration. Moving forward, I carry with me a newfound sense of confidence in my creative abilities and a deeper understanding of the importance of embracing creativity in all aspects of life.

The class is a melting pot of artistic expression, offering a diverse range of activities that spanned from crafting terracotta pots to mastering intricate Gond art. Each session promised a new adventure, a chance to explore different techniques and the guidance of Priyanka and Neha.

Overall, my experience in the art and skill life class was nothing short of transformative. It not only honed my technical skills but also enriched my soul, igniting a passion for creativity that continues to burn bright. As I reflect on the journey, I am grateful to Neha and Priyanka who helped and guided me to explore the boundless realms of art and deepen my understanding of its profound impact on me.

Art and Skills-

इस कला के समंदर में जाने से पहले सोचा न था कि इसकी लहरों का सामना कर भी पाएँगे | मैं अपने कला कौशल को विकसित कर सकी और उसे और निखारने का मौका मिला। कला के सागर की विशाल दुनिया को देखने और अनुभव करने के इस खूबसूरत और अद्भुत अवसर के लिए बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद ।

Art is for All!

Through this course of 8 days, I could confidently say that art has no limits, no boundaries! It definitely does not need a degree or requires you to be an expert.

Art is all about creativity, patience, focus and a lot of fun! It was quite an amazing journey where I got to try my hands on a few amazing art forms like Lipan, pottery, fabric painting, embroidery and more!

My most favorite form of art that I am taking back with me is Lipan art. Understanding the steps and processes of the art form, I also explored it further and made one to gift someone too.

I would love to be a part of this workshop the following year too.Th ank you to my facilitators Neha ma’am and Priyanka ma’am for giving this platform to explore different art forms.

Wabi Sabi!

Art and craft has always had a special place in my heart… on this voyage I was able to unfurl my hidden love for pottery and many more artforms that we were introduced to. I feel delighted to have worked with art connoisseurs viz. Priyanka ma’am and Neha ma’am. Every piece that I created has my heart and yes a tad bit of brains as well for the technicalities that goes into creating an art piece…They say ‘beauty lies in imperfections’, hence the title -wabi sabi- is apt for all that I have learnt in this enlightening journey! Forever grateful to FS for this experience…

The freedom to express!!

In many subjects, there’s often a right or wrong answer, but art taught me the beauty of subjectivity. Our facilitators created a nurturing environment where every idea was welcomed, and every creative impulse was celebrated. One of the most remarkable aspects of our art class was the sheer diversity of styles and mediums we were encouraged to explore. From the delicate intricacies of lippan art to making a bag for ourselves, every session was a doorway to a new world. The art class became more than just learning about art; it was a journey of self-discovery.

Art Therapy

How do you communicate?

Art teaches communication by providing another way of portraying feelings, ideas, and arguments to an audience besides words. Self expression can happen through creative means like drawing, painting, music and many more!
During the life class I was able to express myself through various means of art including paper mache, lippan art, fabric painting, pottery, not only this but also cooking and baking.
I enjoyed the creative process that helped me explore self-expression and, in doing so, find new ways to gain personal insight.
Art is truly therapeutic!

Wisdom in simplicity

Reflecting on my art classes has been a transformative journey. Exploring various forms like Lipan art, Van Gogh’s tissue art, pottery, painting, wall paintings, and fabric painting has not only honed my skills but also deepened my appreciation for diverse artistic expressions. The intricate techniques learned, especially from the works of Lipan and Van Gogh, have left an indelible mark on my creative process. Engaging in pottery allowed me to sculpt my ideas into tangible forms, while wall paintings and fabric art broadened my understanding of space and texture.

Each activity became a brushstroke in the canvas of my artistic growth. The classes provided a sanctuary for self-discovery, akin to a meditative experience. Through this artistic exploration, I found my voice, my style evolving with every stroke and shape. The supportive environment and the guidance received have been instrumental in fostering my confidence as an artist.

In essence, these art classes have been more than just skill-building exercises; they have been a journey of self-expression, unlocking the boundless potential within me. I look forward to continuing this artistic odyssey, armed with newfound techniques and a deeper connection to the world of art.

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