7 Habits & Love (Dazzling Delta)

The session was very insightful as we tend to overlook the problems we have in our lives related to our social circle. We make relations with other beings as humans (a social animal) and each relation consists of a specific emotion (kind of love). Many times when things go wrong we are unable to figure out the problem due to some reasons, such as being unable to identify the problem, find a solution, find common ground, etc. Love class taught us to identify such pain and problems and categorize it, we learned about the stages of love and marriage (applicable to the other aspects of life as well). We also connected all the learnings with our life experiences (by sharing), all thanks to Delta group and our facilitators (Wilmot sir & Utsav Sir).


  • suprabhati.valvi@fountainheadschools.org

    The 7 habits and love classes where very inspiring. This had helped me personally to grow and enhance day today activity. The stages of love and 8 elements of marriage very truly important and we learned with our real life experiences by sharing our thoughts , we connected our life through it. I would like to thank Wilmot sir and Utsav sir for facilitating us and it was so fun being with you two, and thanks to all Delta group it was fun and enjoyable experience.

  • raviranjan.sinha@fountainheadschools.org

    The life class was very exciting and in true sense we were able to find and understand our life to a better extent. I was able to connect myself with most of the discussion that we had during the life class. The learning outcome is unmeasurable, and it is something that I am practicing in my daily life so that the learning which I had will give the right fruits. Special gratitude to all the participant for all the sharing and discussion that made the life class fun and emotional at the same time and how I can forget to mention the two facilitator who drove the life class like a roller coaster ride full of emotions, fun, enjoyment, tears, smile, suspense, love and care. Thanks Everyone…

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