Love class- The wonderful journey to experience

I really thank you Bhumika ma’am and Ritu ma’am for making me understand the actual meaning of Love. As per my understanding love was just a lovy-dovy feeling, emotions, caring, etc. but after Love class, I have a change in my perspective.
 Love is not just feeling but its an action, understanding, sacrifice, forgiving, caring, respect for every person.

I also learned that Love is not only about loving others but also about loving ourselves. Once we start loving ourselves we will feel happy and we will automatically shower love on others. Loving ourselves will also help us to maintain our relationships with family and friends.
It was a wonderful workshop which is going to help me a lot in many phases of my life. The best part of the workshop was a parenting topic which helped me a lot to manage my life with my baby and to make a strong bond with my child too. The great journey came to an end with lots of learning and things to take away with me. I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions of Love class and made myself a changeable person. Thank you once again for it.

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