Attending Integrity is visiting one’s self

Ahhh!!! That day of the year when you end with Love class and move to Integrity. The butterflies flying in your stomach with a feeling of inquiry about what will it all be. With the impressions left by others on our minds, a little sense of fear vanishes after knowing of the names of the facilitators.

Then the day arrives to attend the first 2 days of Integrity. By then, some things are understood: the meaning of Integrity, what it takes to practice Integrity.

To me Integrity was truthfulness, evaluating one self and becoming stronger by fighting out your weaknesses/fears to gain spiritual growth.

When the curtains were raised, the sessions of two days were found to be planned on similar lines. The facilitators asked us to introduce ourselves, which was done by each of us using the methods in which we were strong. They made us understood the meaning of Integrity and Fear.

The actual action then began. The facilitators asked us to identify the fear within us and grade it into 1 of the 3 levels explained by them to allow us to understand How to Handle it.

Once as we neared towards the end of second day, I was pretty sure that, I can Handle It, the workshop which looked much like a NARCO test from the reviews shared and the first half of day 1.

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