Love Class – Its a blessing not a curse!

Before venting out my thoughts over what all I’ve learned from the love class, I would like to give a big token of love and gratitude to my facilitators, Brinda Ma’am an Krishna Ma’am. These classes would have been very tedious without the two of them. A big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.


I was really bewildered when this love class was about to start as I thought it would be mundane and pointless (as heard about it from everyone). It literally felt like another bomb attack on my head and I started to worry before they started. The initial sessions felt a bit humdrum but eventually I started relishing it as I got to know about different situations people go through and what complications they have to face. To be honest, I felt at peace for once because I feel blessed to have a trouble free life at this stage. We discussed about love, marriage and parenting РI know all three of them sound very heavy and futile at a point but the love class cleared my misconception about it and I actually got rid of the paradigm I used to carry over my head all the time.

When we hear the word ‘love’, all that comes to our mind is a relationship, a couple, feelings and emotions, understanding, sex and what not. But is love only between two adults? That’s one common question that pops up in our head usually. I was sailing in the same boat but I got to know different and amazing perspectives about it and it worked like an eye-opener for me. Love matters to a lot extent but not only with someone we are attracted towards, but it also matters when we talk about our family, our children, friends, siblings, etc. To me, my family comes first and I would cross any barrier to keep them happy. Love class showed me beautiful ways to cherish and value the love I receive in my day to day life from the people who matter the world to me.

Talking about marriage, I’m so glad I’m over the fear of being alone and surrounded with problems. They do exist and why wouldn’t they? But I’m happy that I atleast know better ways to face them.

Last but not the least, comes parenting. Parenting is a fun but not so easy task. It takes a lifetime to grow our children into good, ethical adults, yet not everyone wins a success. I also realized that parenting is the most important part of life. Kids aren’t bad, the parenting is weak when we see some children misbehaving.

Overall, love class taught me great lessons for life, very knowledgeable and logical things to deal with.

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