My journey. My evolution. My shift.

It is rightly said that, “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” Rewinding my memories back to the first session of my life class, I was wondering that what is so different about Stephen Covey’s book which was never told or said in other self-help books and why is it important to learn things out of it in the very first year before Love and Integrity class but as the journey unfolded I realised before learning anything else it is very important to unlearn all the unnecessary paradigms and observe and re-frame them perhaps to lead a better and successful life.


The paramount of understanding occurred when the sharing amongst the peers happened. I had never savoured an opportunity before in my life wherein at the same time I was able to understand the concepts through uncountable perspectives. Application of the habits is not easy though but was equally fundamental to transform, hence, a decision to try was utmost important then.

Finally, yet importantly, I would like to thank all the people in the school (leaders, facilitators, staff, peers) who have played a crucial role in my learning and/or organising this life class for me. It has definitely deepened my knowledge and the way now I look at things now!

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