My journey to understand “Gita”

I always had one question, Why should I read “Bhagwad Gita”? There were many people who met in my life journey saying it will help you understand what life is all about and how to live life? I thought why not give it a try. I tried reading it in the year 2001. I enjoyed Sanskrit as a subject in my school days starting from grade 5 to 12 so why not read Gita now. I read it as a story, reading shlokas and then their translations. But nothing seemed to fascinate me about this book. I liked watching the serial Mahabharata and I still enjoy it on “Epic” channel. This might be due to my affection towards historical stories especially which includes King, queen and royals. Someone told me read the book from last chapter, I did that too. On “Gita Jayanti”, read Chapter 15 that too I did. But, still that thirst to read was there. In my life time, I want to read all holy books and understand it. May be the thirst to understand Gita drove me towards it and I opted for this class. The last critical thinking class had also left me thinking about it.

These Gita classes by Gagan sir is different. Understanding the essence of it is very interesting and lot of questions keep coming after I attend it. I have also started reading the book “ How to talk to children so they listen and how to listen to children when they talk” suggested by him. Some key take away are.

  1. You need to understand what other person is going through without telling them that you understand.
  2. First emotion should be controlled for others to listen to a solution.
  3. What you think in your own eyes matter. We worry more on what others say.
  4. My composure is not disturbed due to external factors.
  5. Your happiness level is like a Yo-Yo.
  6. Don’t look down upon yourself. You are your own friend and your own enemy.
  7. Worry about yourself first. Children will grow on their own.
  8. It is good to have ambitions in life. It gives self-accomplishment.
  9. Break ambitions into manageable goals.
  10. Redefine success.
  11. You cannot determine the outcomes. Your right is with reference to your actions.
  12. My response to a situation makes me uncomfortable not Paap or Punya.
  13. Dharma is never constant. It changes from place to place. There are two types of Dharma. Samanya and Vishesh.
  14. You cannot get rid of expectations but accept that it may go wrong due to limited knowledge.
  15. Dama and Kshama are important and helps us to handle situations.
  16. Maker and material are important. Maker and material are same.
  17. Meditation is important.
  18. Dream is a manifestation of you.
  19. Look for relative satisfaction. Take results as a Prasad.
  20. Raga and Dvesha dictate your life. They show you short cuts. It is important to manage it.
  21. You have to interpret Dharma. What is appropriate and inappropriate in a given situation. Commitment is to manage Raga and Dvesha and go with what is to be done.
  22. Pursuit of security is what an animal wants. Pursuit of pleasure is what makes you happy. Emotional maturity is important to handle this.
  23. Knower doer split: When you have knowledge but still you take decisions which is not in accordance with Dharma. This results in guilt and regrets.
  24. Prayers are important and it helps in adding more Adrishta which help you.



What I have started applying is to remain calm when I get angry as I don’t want other or myself to get victimized. When I come under stress then I ask myself is it a role stress which I am facing or something else which I am carrying. Once I realize it, I tell myself it is my role which I need to leave and enter in a new role. Be it home or work. It is helping me. The most important thing is I feel great when I meditate when sir does it. It takes me to a different world. I feel dizziness in the beginning but then it feels great. I used to chant a lot of shlokas and prayers as it gave me peace which I stopped. I am planning to start again without a prayer place as well. There are a lot of questions and I am patiently waiting if it gets answered.







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