Life Lessons

Myriad of learning took place in the sessions, which has left me to reckon upon my way of leading life.
Undoubtedly, the sessions are enlightening and the best part of it is that it is not based on religious beliefs, instead it reveals the path to the lost/disorient, provides clarity to lead a happy life and teaches wisdom. Connecting with the learnings becomes easy and smooth due to the real-life stories shared by Sir.

Juggle between ‘Dwesha – द्वेश’ and ‘Ragaa- रगा’

Ragaa – What I want to have or happen
Dwesha (Hatred/anger) – Anything that I dont want to  want to have or happen

Aforementioned are the binding desires, which if not fulfilled one gets upset. We tend to entangle ourselves in these desires and give away our happiness. It means if desires are not fulfilled than I’m not happy. The solution is to take over the control of these desires, don’t let it sway your happiness.

~ Remember, we can only control actions and not the results. It is taken care off by laws.
~ Need to have sameness with respect to result.
~ The idealistic approach is to take results as ‘Prasad.’
Change in attitude will change the view of life.

But the question is how to decide the correct action? For that, we need to expertise in selecting/understanding appropriate and inappropriate action, ie. Karmas.

Dharma and Karma two sides of the same coin

Dharma says that we, human beings are privileged and are inherent with the understanding of what is right and wrong. Hence, whenever we choose a wrong path or get inclined towards misdeeds/ unethical work, basically we are going against our inner soul, which results into guilt. Unaware of what’s happening, we continue moving on the same road which has its repercussions in our life.

‘Karma’ – One needs to be mindful of it. As per the saying – ‘What goes around, comes around.’ Believe it or not, but its the fact/truth about life. Whatever pain or unacceptable things occur in our life, are the results of our previous karmas.

Hence, one should follow the Dharma, if you want to walk in the flowery path. It can be simply defined as – ‘TO BE DONE’ Whether it is working in the office or at home, the task which we are responsible to do it, needs to be done without any kind adulteration/cheating. Following Dharma, will help you raise your self-esteem, due to which you’ll feel pride and might not need appreciation from others.

Emotional security-
We need to pull ourselves and feel secured emotionally, it should not base on relationship or work. Emotional maturity is the dire need in today’s life, our happiness should not be dependent on others. Security should only be centred on self. Love and Compassion begins with yourself. It’s fine to be little selfish

~ Live life intelligently – Set bigger goals, enjoy every moment instead of cribbing about small things. Life is a series of small situations. We get into the intricacy of small things, while we should always focus on the bigger target. Try to let go and focus on the goal of happiness.

Change game:

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

We always try to change others thinking it is for their benefit, but in reality, it is for us, to make our life easy. Instead of changing others, we should try and adjust. Especially when it comes to changing elders, it’s very difficult to change oneself/ beliefs in old age. Hence, it is always better to change oneself and strive hard to maintain peace.

To conclude, I understand that it’s a long journey, from my end I’ll put strenuous efforts to reach the vantage point. I will try to deploy the learnings to the fullest, especially accepting the way we are and being more mindful of binding desires- Dwesha and Ragaa. Instead of cribbing about the results, taking learning from it and moving ahead.


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