Take away from Bhagvad Gita classes

I always thought about karma, why some people are happy, why some have struggled in life. My mom used to tell me whatever you sow, you reap. And for this I always used to argue, saying the person who is doing all wrong things in life is still happy has everything and in life (of course happy as per my perspective) and one is doing right has nothing.

My myths were cleared about many things after attending this classes (and not so pravachan on Gita). I got an insight on many topics which earlier was only some words meant only for sadhus and religious people.

In these sessions, we learned about Karmyoga, Paapa, Punya, Dharma, Raaga, Dhwesha, Artha, Kaama, Sanskara, Prasada and many such words.

As humans we will have desires in life, what we want to have and what we don’t want to have which as per Gita is called Raaga & Dhweesha. These desires lead us to the path of action. How happy or content we are, depending on the desires fulfilled.

It does not mean that we follow our desires to get what we want but does not follow the right path. It is within you to make the decision and follow what is right. Sometimes we are also so caught up in our desire to achieve everything that we forget ourselves and we don’t have time to stop and think.

Life is a series of learning experiences.

But one thing is sure that your happiness should not be time bound nor should it depend on someone else. Whatever we are looking for is there for you without having to do it. How can I make myself happy as I want to be?

As per Gita, it is simple and straightforward but somehow either we ignore or don’t want to understand. Do your dharma (action) and don’t care about results. If you have done your actions well or as per dharma, laws will take care of the results as desired. Don’t determine the results. You are only responsible for your action don’t take burden of your results

Dharma does not mean only doing big things in life. Normal or ordinary action can also be part of your growth. Simple things like watering a plant, doing right acts can also be a part of your punya. Coming back home safely or achieving something is also part of your punya or paapa. If you have done something good it will automatically come to you whether in this life or next.

Mr. Gupta (facilitator) also shared his example of doing right things like following traffic rules and not taking a shortcut, paying his taxes even if he had a way out. This ordinary actions in daily life make you feel good about yourself and also add to your list of punya. 

Live life for yourself and live life intelligently without the fear of what I am gaining or losing. One thing is for sure if you are happy you will make others around you happy. You are your own friend and your own enemy. Be your friend and everything will fall in place.

So the crux of the matter is, do the right things (as a part of your dharma) it will eventually add to your pappa and punya whether visible or not, in this life or maybe next.  You will have desires, emotions but what path you take is your choice. Finally, it all comes to you and your right choice of actions.

The AHA moment for me was Gita has answers to all your problem, it is a blueprint, a foolproof plan for us to lead our lives and be happy (only if you understand it in right context).




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