Learning Freedom Through The Bhagavad Gita!!

The Bhagavad Gita sessions has a profound influence on me. I am glad that I chose to be the part of Bhagavad Gita Life Classes. I am truly grateful to Guruji Gagan Gupta for making available the life transforming teaching of Bhagavad Gita in such a lucid & easy style. Before attending the sessions I was thinking whether this will help me or I should quit. But now I can say that there were many questions in the mind about the life, about the self which were answered during the sessions.

Bhagavad Gita is the essence of Vedas and Upanishads. It is the book with sublime thoughts and practical instructions on Yoga, Devotion, Vedanta and Action. It not only teaches the purpose of human life, but also describes the way to achieve the same.

Few takeaways:

1) Desires come and go: Desires come and go, but one should remain abstract simply watching and enjoying their life. Everyone experiences desires, but one should not be moved by them. They should not bother a person. People sometimes undertake really evil actions because of their desires.

2) We should do hard work without worrying about the results: ‘Karm karo, phal ki chinta mat karo’ is the wisest message the Bhagwad Gita gave me. Today, we are working only for money, a better house, a car, and for a secure future. We are so goal-driven, that we do everything only on thinking about the results. For also work extra hours during our appraisal time, thinking that our bosses will rate us highly on our performance evaluation. This is something we need to avoid. Only because, if expectations are not met, pain is inevitable. Therefore, keep working and don’t expect anything in return. When we work for getting the result from a particular action, we can’t really be our best in it. It also gives us a lot of worries about the result. We may also feel disheartened if our task or action does not yield good outputs. Therefore, just doing our work without really thinking about it’s result should be our motive.

3) When meditation is mastered, the mind is steady like the flame of a lamp: I used to consider meditation boring. Who can sit still with their eyes closed and without vile thoughts? But we truly need to take out a few minutes from our busy schedules and sit in dhyana to attain inner peace. Whether it’s a quiet corner of our cosy home, or just a secluded spit in office, closing your eyes and sitting in peace will give you immense peace of mind.

One can realize in one’s own self, while going deep inside, as if all doubts are clarified and no darkness left. These were some of the major learnings during the sessions of Bhagavad Gita. I can’t express more than this in my words.

Bhumika Manglani

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