Bhagwat Gita Reflection

Krishna ; Is always been close to my heart from childhood. I was not having any reason why; but now if I look into my affection towards him I found many according to my age. In childhood I enjoyed his playfulness as child and his mischiefs. Then in young age his stories about radha and meera and other part of his youth.

But actually I start having him as an idol when I started reading about him written by other authors. Then finally one day I hold Gita and started reading it. Everybody who have written about him have their own version of Krishna (I also have one) It says if you read Gita and all your question will be answered, it’s TRUE.


Here in Gita classes I have started exploring about him in one different aspects. I like and enjoy these classes as it involve the authenticity of original Gita and it’s Shloka. Also chanting it in Sanskrit with actual pronunciation is also one of the most powerful impact.


Day:1 we have talked about three shakti “ Ichchha Shakti, Kriya Shakti and Gyan Shakti “. According to me when I look into it closely, it says we have to have balance between all three. If any of those can be empower one another we lose balance and overpowering any of those shakti can lead us to be more demanding from our life and create pain and anger. Which was next topic of the day “pain and root of pain which is anger”. I can relate to it so closely as I am working on it from long time. It is difficult but once you are able to see your anger you can try to look into it and figure out the cause of it. Then it will be easy to find out from where it is coming. Once I know the root of my anger I just watch it, what is coming? why it is happening? Is it worth to give much energy or attention? I always get my answer that “my peace is more important then my anger”.


Day:2 here we go “Expectation” this was the topic and it was a really good learning examples. As I was already working on myself this was the most challenging area, because everything comes with expectations. In your life all you have is expectations, ether it’s yours or it is from you. Holding your expectations and moving further required lot of efforts, it appears without you knowing it. No exception state according to me is very higher state of being which required enlightenment. But of course I can try to drop my expectation where and when I can.


Day:3-4 I was absent as I have gone for CAS trip so missed those classes and Day:5 I was absent.


Day:6 we have talked about Artha which is about our desire of wealth and Kama is connected with Raga, Dwesha etc. Yes we all know what is right and what should be done but we do not take right decisions on right time and then it becomes our Karma. Ultimately we end up getting result of what we have chosen as our Karma and it was described very briefly and so well in Gita. We can also connect our Karma with expectation part and introspect about how we do everything out of expectation. I am on the line of understanding and which also been discussed that first love yourself, Do good with you, Don’t torture yourself to prove something, Be happy and once you start practicing this you automatically reflecting same with others.

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