What struck my mind that I chose Bhagwat Gita class, was of learning something which my grandparents always wanted me to do. I knew I was not a person who would hold such exemplary books in hand because the language terrified me a lot, as hardly I could understand it. This opportunity was something I was sure to bank on that I would learn something with some guidance and support of the other group members. However, it’s been a good experience learning about the true essence of the shlokas and verses written in the Gita. Sharing my learning from few of the sessions that I’ve attended.


Understanding the verses written in ‘Gita Dhyanam’ was enlightening. Below, I’m sharing my understanding about the same. (Although, I couldn’t understand all of it, but giving it a try is better than giving up!! 🙂 ) Hope you would gain some insight by reading it!!


Om paarthaaya pratibodhitaam bhagavataa naaraayanenaswayam,

Vyaasena grathitaam puraanamuninaa madhye mahaabhaaratam;

Advaitaamritavarshineem bhagavateem ashtaadashaa dhyaayineem,

Amba twaam anusandadhaami bhagavadgeete bhavadweshineem.

What I understand – 

Bhagavad Gita taught Arjuna, by Lord Narayana himself, written in the middle of the Mahabharata by the Old Sage Vyasa. The Divine mother, who showers cure of Advaita on us, who is the mother of 18 chapters, I meditate to you, O Bhagavad gita, the destroyer of illusion of manifestation. (Sansar)


Namostu te vyaasa vishaalabuddhe phullaaravindaayatapatranetra;

Yena twayaa bhaaratatailapoornah prajwaalito jnaanamayah pradeepah.

What I understand – 

This is a tribute to Vyasa (the author/ scribe), one with the great intellect, with eyes like the fully blossomed lotus. Through whom, the lamp of knowledge, filled with the oil of the Mahabharata, has been lighted!

Prapannapaarijaataaya totravetraikapaanaye;

Jnaanamudraaya krishnaaya geetaamritaduhe namah.

What I understand – 

Salutations to Lord Krishna, the Parijata (It is said that this plant was bought by Shri Krishna himself on  the Earth from the heaven) or the bestower of all desires, for those who take refuge in Him, the holder of the whip in one hand, the holder of the symbol of divine knowledge and the milker of the divine nectar of the Bhagavad Gita!

Mookam karoti vaachaalam pangum langhayate girim;

Yatkripaa tamaham vande paramaanandamaadhavam.

What I understand – 

I bow down to Shri Krishna, the source of all joy and Supreme bliss, whose Grace makes the dumb eloquent and the cripple cross mountains!

I gained more knowledge about material, time, karma, etc. The cosmic manifestation is full of different activities and all living beings are engaged in them. From this sacred epic, we must all learn what God is, what living entities are, what prakriti is, what is cosmic manifestation, how it is controlled by time and what activities of the living entities are.  As Lord Krishna says, “This material nature is working under My direction.” Whenever we see wonderful things happening in the cosmic nature, we should know that behind this cosmic manifestation there is a controller. Nothing can be manifested without being controlled. It is childish not to consider the controller. For instance, a child may consider an automobile working on it’s own quite wonderful, i.e. without the help of an animal like horse/cow, but only a sane man knows the nature of automobile’s engineering arrangement and the reason behind it’s smooth working. Similarly, we are trying to control nature, as we are presently controlling space and planets, but we should know that we are not the Supreme controller, and this has been very well explained in the Bhagwat Gita.

All thanks to Mr. Gagan Gupta for sharing his immense knowledge with us and making us long for learning more and more about this amazing script, that can be applied to life however which is difficult. 🙂

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