Dharma & Karma is what life is all about

  • The sessions of Bhagwat Gita have been a blessing to me. No doubt I have heard many things which have been covered in these sessions from my grandmother. When she used to share I used to have so many questions, doubts, confusions, etc. But Guruji’s sharing has been enlightening to be. The examples and stories which he shares help me to understand better.I would like to share few of my learning which has illuminated my thinking:
    • ‘A teacher should teach when it is asked to’ – We always have a habit to advice people or can say ‘ Gyan bat te pherte hai’. This quote has taught me that we shouldn’t start preaching till the time somebody asks us to share.
    • ‘You are responsible for all your actions’ – This I have learnt from most of the workshops. But every time I hear it, once again the bulb is lighted in my brain. This helps me not to blame others for my grief. Guruji said ‘Group of Karma’s is motion for you. You are responsible for own karma and destiny.
    • ‘Have ambitions in your life. It’s healthy to have desires.’ – I use to think that desiring too many things is greed but after listening to Guruji that humans are the only living beings who have the privilege to desire and has ‘Ichhashakti, Kriyashakti and Gyanshakti’ to fulfil those desires. For accomplishing your desire you need to act. Now I feel being ambitious is not being selfish. While talking about desire Guruji shared an example of Dhiraj sons which was an amazing way to make us understand that you need to act on your desires but you don’t determine what you’ll get. You’ll get according to the laws. Four things can happen when you act – 1. What do you desire you get it. 2. You get more than you desire. 3. You don’t get what you desire. 4. You get something else than what you have desired.
    • There are two emotions which need to be tackled i.e. ‘anger and fear’- Guruji said we need to welcome fear and you shouldn’t be afraid of fear. This I have applied in my life and seen that when I’m ready to face the fear the fear goes off automatically and I find myself stronger and confident. Anger is not a product of your will but it happens because of our background. We shouldn’t respond when we are in anger.
    • Material and maker are the same- This session elucidated my knowledge. I have heard the same thing from my grandmother but when Guruji explained the same thing by giving the example of the dream which gave me a better understanding. He shared dream is simply a manifestation of what you have seen and you are the creator of the same. During this session I had many questions related to ‘ Material and maker are the same’ but when he proved it by giving examples.
    • Take the life like a Prasada –  We can control the actions, not the results. We should have the ability to swallow all the problems like we take the prasad without any complaints. We should be ready to face the problems and resolve the same rather than be complaining or crying about it. Your life is all because of past karmas and you are responsible for the same.
    • ‘Karmyoga’- expertise with respect in choosing action –  We should choose our actions according to our knowledge i.e. if we know that you’ll be hurt than you also know that this action will also hurt others. So, we should choose our actions like a ‘Karmyogi’ (a person who lives his life without disrupting others life).
    • Invest the time in your growth rather than satisfying your raga and dvesha –  We should take care of our self than only you can help others. If we set a larger goal and strive for achieving the same. This goal will help you in growing.
    • Dharma – Dharma is to be done i.e. doing things which are right. Many a time there are situations where you know the correct action but you do opposite one. This is knower and doer split. Dharma is the manifestation of Ishwara. Dharma should be your priority than Arthkama (security and persuade for pleasure). We need to be committed to Dharma which will help us to grow.
    • Punya can be earned- A living being can reach Punya by helping others and by offering prayers. Punya can be seen or unseen but surely it can be earned.

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