Bhagwat Gita-True meaning of Life…

My understanding for Bhagwat Gita..

Bhagwat Gita” is a motivational book if we understand it from the depth. There are many things I came to understand which I was not clear even after reading Bhagwat Gita. I came to know that our anger is our pain, and when we are in pain we show anger to  people around us which is painful to others as well as to us. Some of our pain can make us or break us. Our pain, our anger we ourselves are responsible for the action. It is we who chose to get upset or in pain for our action.

As human being we are free to think but we cannot judge other….yet we do, we keep on judging others even if our judgement is wrong. We can give advice but we can’t force one to work on it.

I brought to my knowledge that it is good to have desire and there is no problem in it but when desires get disappointment, things does not go the way expected than problem is there…..result is less than our expectation. Situations can be up and down we need to be balanced. Take the results as PRASADA. We can act and the results will be taken care by the Great God.

God is in the form of 5 elements: Aakash, Vayu, Agni, Aapha, Pruthavi.


Dharma is Ishwara‘ to be done is our dharma and walking on dharma is worshiping Ishwara. Prayer is a action that produces a result, it could be bad or good.

Here I want to share that very often I join my hands and stand in front of God, my mother always say me that you should spend at list 10 min. in front of God and pray to keep your family safe and healthy, I started doing it but somewhere I was filling emptiness and not satisfied. My mother started staying unhealthy, my elder brothers went jobless and I was in pain for the same, later on I started taking care of my paternal family, financially and others ways too without letting them know into their knowledge. Trust me that feeling of  satisfaction was much brighter than standing in front of God.. Yes I do believe in God and I pray but the real Ishwara is my Dharma which I came to know now.

Many more learning is left to bring into my knowledge from Bhagawat Gita.

Thank you so much to have such classes in school.

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