Learning from Bhagwad Gita classess

Respected Guruji and Dear members,

I would like to thank to avail this wonderful opportunity to explore Shri Bhagvad Gita. I read Gita so many times, and i came with new meanings, even i read the same book in Hindi translation. Guruji told that if we know the language in which it is written then easier to understand. I fully agree on that. I learnt Sanskrit till grade 8 but forgot as i never used it. I enjoyed the chanting of verses and rituals followed by guruji in giving credit to great teachers.

In these classes i found so many  interesting moments like  guruji told that nothing comes esse he ( ऐसे ही ) or i learnt myself or mujhe pata hai ( मुझे पता है ). You should follow some one so that they could guide you. These learning are in depth and needs lots of Manan chantan ( मनन चिंतन ), to dig in depth meaning.

Another one was guruji told that don’t swallow whatever i say. You just logically or rationally define that so that it will be easy to apply in life. I think any knowledge which is not fit to apply in our life is waste. So these classes gave me new horizon to think or compare and contrast my previous learning.

I am follower of Brahmakumaris since past 8 years and get the in depth meanings of Gita through Shiv Baba from the mouth of Brahma baba. I learnt the simple rules and followed in my life and they worked so i believed in that.

I want to praise guruji for his knowledge and the way they gave us. He clarified the typical terms  of GEETA in simpler form so that first time learner could understand. Raga dwesha, paap punya, creator and material, conscious and human beings, dharma and moksha, the terms which we use in life without understanding the meaning and application.

I have only one concern —-

All the religions and even Geeta says that God is one. every one looks to sky by default whenever they want to thank God ( cricketer example). Can we explore that? I know that GOD is one and he has the place too. Guruji gave the example of shirt and cotton and proved that creator and creation is one. My question is what about tailor, who stitched that. 2  who gave us that conscious to make shirt. Who framed all that knowledge?

I will give one example, internet is everywhere in school and you have access to that but there is one server room, persons are responsible, agreed. But if broad band connection is not taken or someone is not supplying the facility then you will not able to access internet.

My another concern is Who said Gita. Krishna, Big no, he was body figure. In Geeta it is written that god is point of light, nirakar, avtarit hote hain, janam nahee lete, to geeta ka bhagwan kaun hai?Kissne ye gyan kab or kyon diya. Ess gyan ke prapti kya hai? Yadi hum dekhe to iss gyan ke baad bhee duniya ke log girte ( matlab life mushkil hue) he aaye hain jabkee bhagwan ne kaha kee mein dharm sthapan ke liye aata hon to wo kaun sa dharm hai? ( भगवान ज्योतिर्बिंदु है, निराकार है,अवतरित होते हैं, जनम नहीं लेते तो गीता का भगवान कौन है ? किसने ये ज्ञान दिया, इस ज्ञान की प्राप्ति क्या है? यदि हम देखे तो इस गीता ज्ञान के बाद भी दुनिया के लोग गिरते हे आये है जबकी भगवान ने कहा कि में धर्म स्थापना के लिए आता तो वो कौन सा धर्म स्थापन किया)?

Geeta kis samay hue ( गीता किस समय सुनाये गयी ) and Vyasa ji just went in smadhi and narrated what he saw in samadhi awastha. Bhagwan told that mein kripa karke apna gyan prakat karta hon to wo bhagwan koun hain? Vyasa ji ko wo diwya drishti kisne de( मैं कृपा करके अपना ज्ञान प्रकट करता हूं तो वो भगवन कृपा करने वाला कौन है, सिर्फ व्यास जी पर ही  कृपा क्यों हुई, यदि वो manifest है तो सब पर क्यों नहीं हुई )?

My sankalp for myself is that i am a powerful, peaceful, pure, loving, knowledgeable and blissful soul or being. In fact we all are. I sankalp that is dharti par ramrajya jaldee he aaye jiska sapna Gandhiji ne bhee dhekha tha ( इस धरती पर रामराज्य जल्दी हे आये जिसका सपना गांधीजी ने भी देखा)|

Om Shanti………..




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