Life is Journey

My whole journey of life class was nice. i got to know all the 7 habits during this.If we think our lives are a function of our conditions, it is because we have, by conscious decision or by default, chosen to empower those things to have control over us we have let ourselves become reactive. Reactive people are often affected by the weather, proactive people carry their own weather with them. that i carry with me.We want to centre our lives on correct principles. Unlike other centres based on people and things subject to frequent change, correct principles don’t change. We can depend on them.We think we don’t have time to exercise. What distorted thinking! We don’t have time not to. We’re talking about three to six hours a week. That’s a drop in the bucket compared with the enormous, beneficial impact on the other 162-plus hours in the week. Be proactive. The main thing i learnt here sharpen the saw take care of your own self. Everything should be with right priority and time-management by taking care of yourself mentally and physically.

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