]] Namaskar  [[

I don’t know where to start but one thing I know for sure is that I’m grateful and blessed for being a part of our FS fraternity..!

I’m at my brother-in-laws funeral right this moment and I’m in a state of shock, we all are…!

I have to be strong and brave yet i’m trembling inside as I feel ” what if this was me?”

I truly can’t believe what has happened, but I realize the magnitude of the situation “death has no reason what so ever…it never has and should never will”

All my life classes and experiences of FS have come to my rescue and aided my willpower into my mindset that I am armed for the worst scenarios possible, like this one…!

I am empowered with knowledge and experiences and have a strong intuition to survive…! Thank you my beloved FS…!!!

Love your loved ones, tell them you care, speak with love and spread the joy of love, each day is a blessing when we are alive, share it with your loved ones whole heartedly, in this world there is a lot of hate and time for disasters, but what we need is love and time for each other’s happiness…!! We are not perfect or always good, but we can be, if needs be…and right now my comrades, WE NEED TO BE..!!!

Tell the someone you love today that you really love them..! Hold on to your kids, families and loved ones, there is nothing more precious then them….TRUST ME..!

My brother-in-law was 45 years old, and had survived by his wife and three kids( 15 months ago he buried his youngest daughter who succumbed to kidney failure..!!!) he leaves behind an estranged wife, his eldest daughter who is in her last year of nursing and an only son who begins grade 7 next month and of course his elderly ailing widowed mother. We as a family, will do everything we possibly can to fulfill their future……??

We all sit here in mourning  and ask ” WHY ?”


AUM, Shanti, Shanti….Shanti..!

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