My Journey of 3 years…

Today when I analyse myself I am a very different person from what I was before joining Fountainhead. I realized that Listening plays very important role in one’s life. My journey started from 7 habit classes where I learned management skills and how smoothly I can lead my life by following few principles. It has helped me to grow professionally and personally.

Entering into Love class had changed my many paradigms, made me more patient, better listener and empathetic towards people and their situations. It made me more strong to take better decisions in my life and giving me chance to take initiative for my own life. Being in love class helped me to analyze the legitimate and illegitimate pain.

When my journey entered into integrity class,it was the most toughest journey of my life. The 2 years learning and implementing was now on check with our own self that how much we are following and that was something Integrity. The batch got mixed, initially I was not able to adjust with the batch mates as from past 2 years I was in my comfort zone of sharing my things with only my 2 year of batch mates. But this mixing of batches made me more open minded towards the people and my trust increased . It was wonderful experience to get a platform where we can share our thoughts , pains and we all followed our essential agreements and the sharing always remained within the group.

The journey of 3 years had tremendously changed my life and my thoughts. I am thankful to all my facilitators, co-facilitators and all my batch friends.

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