Unbelievable change through Life class


This year in life class  I have learned so many thing.First of all I have never heard about 7 habits, what is the use of it,How to apply it on your life.

I am really thankful to Fountainhead school who is organized such types of workshop and of course to my both facilitators Nisha Jain and Bhumika Manglani as they make me understand what is life, and what is important in my life:

Glimpse of Life class

  • What is the method to lead our life
  • We should understand and respect others perspectives
  • Know our responsibilities and prioritize it.
  • Art of listening
  • Clarifying expectation
  • Spend time with me and with beloved
  • Two heads are better than one
  • Win-Win, Win-Lose,Lose-Win
  • Private victory and public victory
  • Adding into emotional bank
  • My favourite session was write  thanking letter to whom you love

At last Life class has taught me the value of life and myself.


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