If you want to soar in life, You must first learn to F.L.Y. (F-First, L-Love, Y-Yourself)

This day I wow myself, I love truly and deeply in my thoughts, my actions, the choices I made. I make the experiences each moment, I am conscious, I make decisions.

People are born different, and among the problems they have to solve is how to deal with their own uniqueness, their own differences, and come to terms with that in relation to other people. – M. Scott Peck, Further Along the Road Less Traveled:

During Love class each topic like: Problems and pain, Responsibility, Dedication to Reality, The Myth of Romantic Love, More about Ego boundaries, Dependency and it’s endless, I revisited all my journey of life through the glass of Love classes and deeply introspects in my life. I really revisits and keep checking myself that am I allign with the things which I learn? and in every introspect I came to know something new and updated myself with the same. Learning is not something which just can be learn but it should be the application and check our understanding with the previous knowledge. When I was going through the process of each topic I can very well connect it with my life and able to understand each phases through I pass and prepare for the phase which is going to be come. I am really thankful to our school to give me such an opportunity to live, to feel free and to get chance to introspect in my own life. We are doing so many things in our life but we don’t have time to look behind and to think about the future but I get that chance over here for the same. 

Thank you so much my facilitators Ravindra Agrawal & Shehla shaikh

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