Gratitude for the Arts and Skills workshop

Just few days back when I received the feedback form for the life classes workshops, it reminded me of last year when  we had to select a life class for the current year. But somehow, I chose to attend Arts and Skills classes inspite of filling up the form for ‘Critical Thinking’ workshop. (However, no offense to the Critical Thinking workshop : ) )
Being a part of this Art and Skill life class for the entire year, it has stirred me to write this to you.
Personally, if I tell you I am not an artistic person neither inclined towards Arts but the time I spent in Art and Skill class, has helped me to be with myself. It has given me time to think about what I want, what are my wishes, desires or what I want to do. Or rather I would say it has helped me to express myself. All the sessions were wonderful, soothing, calm and so peaceful. The way you all conducted it was amazing.
The most important thing that I want to mention is by attending all the life classes in FS, I really had a good brainstorming about my problems and how to deal with them and  the fact is that, these classes have really helped me in my personal as well as professional fronts.
But while I was attending Arts life class, it helped me to be relaxed mentally and also gave me an opportunity to think about myself and not my problems.
Throughout this year, I really looked forward for the Arts life classes to happen as this was like ‘My time’.
I have no words for appreciation but through this mail I tried to express whatever little I could .Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to you all.
And once again, I am very proud of being in FS, which has given me an opportunity to understand and experience my life in a deeper and different way.
Special thanks to Neha, Payal and Mary ma’am for making the Arts workshop so interesting and captivating.

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