Critical Thinking

“Critical Thinking”: This word attracted me towards this workshop. As soon as the name of the Workshop was announced, from that very moment I was thinking to shift to this workshop and finally I did.

On the very first day of our workshop, I came to know that our thoughts depend on our biases. After getting the list of biases, it was too overwhelming for me to go through all the biases and finding one for me. After going through the list, finally I was able to find a bias for me that is “Bias blind spot”. Link is .

It is a type of Cognitive bias and when I started making connection with this bias I realized that many times my thoughts and decisions get affected by this bias. This workshop has helped me in thinking critically in my day-to-day life. Still I am in process of finding out other biases for me and make connections with them.

I would like to thank Vardan Sir for taking this workshop and this journey of learning.


Rita Menghrani


Think critically………embrace the challenge!

We are what we repeatedly do — Aristotle.
This workshop got me thinking. I began researching different biases and could connect with many of them. The list was endless… ambiguity effect, blind-spot bias, belief bias, negativity bias, the ostrich effect.

I am sure that I have demonstrated these biases many times. But after attending this workshop, I became cautious and began watching my thoughts and actions. When I read about the denomination effect, where people are less likely to spend larger bills than their equivalent value in smaller bills, I could immediately connect to it and caught myself demonstrating it. I also recall spending plastic money more easily than hard cash; the value being the same.

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