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“Love is the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth… Love is as love does. Love is an act of will — namely, both an intention and an action. Will also implies choice. We do not have to love. We choose to love.”  ― M. Scott Peck


When we all listen to this four letter word “LOVE” we connect it to the love between the couples, the emotions, the feelings, all the good things, and moreover the myth that “Love is a Feeling”. But, when we got the opportunity to attend Love Classes, the whole perception was changed. The myth that Love is a feeling was totally changed to “Love is an action” which means that you need to express it through your actions be it your love for your spouse, sibling, friends or parents.

The other sessions covered about forgiveness, marriage, parenting and the myths of parenting which were quite insightful.

Forgiveness: I never understood the true essence of forgiving someone. At times we hold on to grudges with our dear ones for some small arguments which is much easier than to forgive someone. Forgiving needs a lot of courage and plays an important role in one’s emotional well being, it is not only about forgiving someone but it is for your own peace of mind and it really worked well when implied in real life. It makes life easier.

Marriage: I understood that there are different stages of marriage which is a cycle and we all experience each stage at one or the other point of time.

During the journey of Life and Love Classes, when our co-participants including our facilitators shared their learning through their real-life examples and the situations, we were also enlightened.

What have I learned from these classes – to be a good listener, not to judge others, be empathetic and have developed an understanding which gives a way to solve the problem as Problems are a part of life and inevitable.

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Jay Sir and Nikita Ma’am for patiently listening to us and making this journey of Love Class more beautiful.




Love class_Zeta_2018-19

The Miraculous Experience…

I used to think love is effortless but I understood thoroughly that ‘Love is effortful’. Understanding and listening to people play a significant role when you actually love them. These classes helped me tremendously to improve on myself. I have started stepping into the shoes of others and I always rethink before speaking. I am glad to look at things from a different perspective.

Furthermore, the aspect which galvanized me the most is ‘forgiveness’. This needs a lot of valour to forgive someone. The aha moment was when I realized to forgive yourself is more strenuous. I have forgiven myself for all the mistakes I have done in past and I have accepted myself the way I am.

Next, I loved to learn about ‘parenting’.  I am not a parent nevertheless it helped me to understand my parents’ feelings and their expectations. Moreover, it helped me to understand the psychology of my students’.

“A lot of people have gone further then they thought,

          They could because of someone else thought they could!”  

– Unknown

Thanks to Jay sir and Nikita ma’am for being so empathetic and great listeners each time. It was an immense pleasure to be with you. I learned a lot many things and this learning is going to be with me a lifetime.

Love Class – Zeta

It was a amazing journey with the classes that I have attended so far during life class sessions & now its a stage of love class which have added an extra feather on me. Love is that one word that holds number of different meanings to every individual & it was also different for me. Love is extending yourself. Love is not only for spouse or parents but it can be for anyone and can happen anytime. Knowing about 7 stages of marriage was insight full session. To lead and happy & healthy life forgiveness is very important. We need to forgive our self before forgiving others, it is essential for personal & emotional growth and mental peace.

It was a good experience attending the Love class. Listening to experiences of different people is a thing that I enjoy and is also very helpful to me. I would like to express my gratitude to Jay Sir and Nikita ma’am for constantly sharing their life stories with us and also motivated us to actually introspect and bring this workshop to life.

Love Class – Zeta

Love is such a wonderful feeling.Every one goes with this feeling in their lives.It is not a feeling for our partner but it can be the feeling for close ones like mother,father,sister,brother,..

A very big thanks to Jay sir and Nikita ma’am. It is a great journey with all the members. In Love class i have learnt so much things, experienced many things.I think i am getting more mature than earlier. I enjoyed a lot. I speaks very less but now i am more expressive. I am sharing my thought to my love ones and relatives. All sessions of love class were very interesting and joyful for me. I enjoyed it. My best trying is to continue living my further life with this understanding and knowledge of love. And i definitely share my love class knowledge to my close ones outside the FS too.

Love Class_Zeta_An experience of lifetime

Before I write down my thoughts about what I learnt about Love, I would like to thank my facilitator Jay sir and Nikita ma’am for blending all the topics and putting forward in such a nice manner where we learnt so much by listening to their thought and examples and also of our batch mates. And understood each other’s perspective about Love.

So what is LOVE ? when we think about this we come up with many different words like Understanding, care, forever vala pyar, intimacy and what not. But the real love is not just to feel its about action , its about expression. Just by being with someone we cannot expect the other person to know that we love them the important thing to do is to express. That will help to enhance and grow the relationship.

The other life changing topic which we covered is forgiveness. Why it is important to forgive someone or our own self is for our mental peace and it is never to wrong to forgive or apologize someone.

Talking about marriage, as I’m newly married , I could take so much from these classes and apply in my personal life which has actually helped me to make my new life work on a smooth pace.

Lastly comes parenting. Parenting is a fun but not so easy task. Its not an easy task to raise a Child its take a lot of time to inculcate the good habits and ethics in them and there is no surety if the child will actually learn and apply it but still the parents keep on trying and so its a Life Long Process. I also realized that parenting is the most important part of life. And for the success of it “ROLE MODELING” is something which is very Important and every parent should role model about anything and everything which they expect their child to do.

Thank you for this wonderful journey which taught us:


Love?? A feeling or an expression???? – Love class Zeta

It was a wonderful experience to be a part of Love classes. What I have learned is love is everything but “fictional” things shown in movies and series. Love is not only about your significant ones, but it is also about yourself as well.

As rightly said by Scott Peck, “Love is the free exercise of choice. Two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each other but choose to live with each other.” Until you love yourself first and make yourself independent emotionally, spiritually and financially, you cannot give love to someone else. Love is when you grow spiritually with each other. When you uplift each other to make a better person. Love is all about forgiveness. Forgiving people for their mistakes and satiating yourself is the self love.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven. However, it’s untrue as you have to go through hell and come back to make a successful marriage. Marriage is not only about loving each other, but it is also about knowing the flaws of your partner and still choosing not to give up on them. Marriage will have different phases where you will fall in love with your partner and feel all gooey, but it will also have phases when you will come across the annoying and clingy things of your partner. It is going to be one hell of a ride, but yes if you stand beside your partner always, you will enjoy the ride.

Parenting was also one of the aspects we focused on. Parenting is not about teaching your child to do what you feel but making them understand to do the right things. Parenting is a life long process and you’re a life long learner. Parenting comes from within the moment you hold your newborn in hands and it keeps on going on till the time when your child learns to hold your hand when he comes of age.

Overall, love classes was a serene experience and thanks a ton to Jay Sir and Nikita ma’am for facilitating us so well and made us understand what is love!

Keep loving! Keep growing! 🙂

Love Class-Zeta

Before the reflection of Love classes, I would like to give big token of love and gratitude to my faculties, Jay sir ad Nikita ma’am. We would be bored if you both were not facilitating the same.

After attending life classes, I was excited and awaiting the next step towards Love classes. Though the idea of learning about the love was a bit different than what we attended because Love class was not limited to love rather an overall impression and growth about people, thoughts, feelings connected to Love. I was really impressed about few learning outcomes which unconsciously and consciously applied in my daily routine. One of them is the stages of falling in love where whenever I am in a situation in my routines I get a click about the stage I am in and I immediately remind myself to attend other important stages too like Honeymoon stage 😛  Because somewhere balance of all is required as None of the stage can be omitted from daily routine. Another major part of learning was listening and understanding the perspective. Though have gone through in life class but when discussed in groups explicitly in groups in love class and that too when we apply it with loved ones, God it does helps us out. It saves us from miscommunication to sustaining relationship.


Another most amazing part was forgiveness which is very hard but at the same time outcome gives you peace of mind. The way it was conducted in love class was amazing and very useful as these days(while practicing in routine for small things) forgiving is very easier, quicker, and very effective. Especially in my case, I was not able to forgive myself only,otherwise I never had issues with others which may lead to forgiving stage, but for me, I was not forgiving, Rather I realized I was fool who was in guilt and regret unnecessarily once I started forgiving my own self.


Overall, love class taught me great lessons for life, very knowledgeable and logical things to deal with, to maintain the love respect and feelings for the loved once.


Love Class

It is great to have life classes in school. It was fun as well as new learnings in the Love Class.

When I first said that LOVE is feeling and later it was discussed as it is not. I kept on thinking for long and realized it was a matter of language for me as I was thinking in Hindi where I mean ‘Ehsaas’ by the word feeling where it was used as ‘Emotions’ by others. This was probably my first learning in LOVE Class that words matters to express your thoughts.

Also, love is action…… one’s actions themselves express the love.

Love is to understand, trust, respect, care and take responsibility.


In other sections, we discussed marriage, parenthood. Most of the things were known or experienced but I could reflect on my past experience and could relearn these aspects.


Yes, I agree that love is to grow together, extending oneself for own growth, partner’s growth and children’s growth.


Last but not the least, a hearty thanks to the facilitators, Priti ma’am, Roshan ma’am and Manisha ma’am, who invested their time and energy to plan for such sessions and listened patiently to all our concerns. I enjoyed the discussions a lot!

Love Class_Zeta_2017-18

Hello everyone,

Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truth. But this 7 habits & love classes has help me understand the life in a better way. That if we have discipline in our life, we can have a better life though life is difficult.

Love is extending ourself. Love is not only for our spouse but it can be for anyone and can happen anytime. Knowing about 7 stages of marriage was insight full session. To lead and happy & healthy life forgiveness is very important. We need to forgive our self before forgiving others,it is essential  for personal & emotional growth and mental peace.

I would like to thank Fountainhead school for organizing such a wonderful workshops for staff. I also would like to thanks all the group members for  sharing their experiences. Last but not the least I would thank our facilitators Brinda ma’am & Krishna Ma’am for conducting the love classes.

Love Class – Its a blessing not a curse!

Before venting out my thoughts over what all I’ve learned from the love class, I would like to give a big token of love and gratitude to my facilitators, Brinda Ma’am an Krishna Ma’am. These classes would have been very tedious without the two of them. A big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.


I was really bewildered when this love class was about to start as I thought it would be mundane and pointless (as heard about it from everyone). It literally felt like another bomb attack on my head and I started to worry before they started. The initial sessions felt a bit humdrum but eventually I started relishing it as I got to know about different situations people go through and what complications they have to face. To be honest, I felt at peace for once because I feel blessed to have a trouble free life at this stage. We discussed about love, marriage and parenting – I know all three of them sound very heavy and futile at a point but the love class cleared my misconception about it and I actually got rid of the paradigm I used to carry over my head all the time.

When we hear the word ‘love’, all that comes to our mind is a relationship, a couple, feelings and emotions, understanding, sex and what not. But is love only between two adults? That’s one common question that pops up in our head usually. I was sailing in the same boat but I got to know different and amazing perspectives about it and it worked like an eye-opener for me. Love matters to a lot extent but not only with someone we are attracted towards, but it also matters when we talk about our family, our children, friends, siblings, etc. To me, my family comes first and I would cross any barrier to keep them happy. Love class showed me beautiful ways to cherish and value the love I receive in my day to day life from the people who matter the world to me.

Talking about marriage, I’m so glad I’m over the fear of being alone and surrounded with problems. They do exist and why wouldn’t they? But I’m happy that I atleast know better ways to face them.

Last but not the least, comes parenting. Parenting is a fun but not so easy task. It takes a lifetime to grow our children into good, ethical adults, yet not everyone wins a success. I also realized that parenting is the most important part of life. Kids aren’t bad, the parenting is weak when we see some children misbehaving.

Overall, love class taught me great lessons for life, very knowledgeable and logical things to deal with.

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