Globetrotting through books and films….

We are all travelers on this earth and keep travelling until we reach our destinations. We travel to the places that we would like to adore and explore, the same thing I did. I love books and movies as well as enjoy reading and watching them but with the daily grind it is very difficult to schedule it. The books and film club gave me that opportunity. During the sessions, we were engrossed in the books and explored them at length. I felt I was in a trans and an altogether different world. Moreover, when we reflected on our reading books or movie watching as a group I got several perspectives which I would have missed otherwise. Here I want to quote Elizabeth Scott -“I love that moment when you open one and sink into it, you can escape from the world into a story that`s way more interesting than yours will ever be”

The participants of book and film club have explored different genres of books and movies. We all got to share our ideas and that worked well as we all owned up to it. I also liked that everyone got an input of what we were going to do. I also really enjoyed reading the book so that made everything 100 times better.

We also had the opportunity of watching movies based on books or reading books based on movies which gave us a better insight in understanding the difference in medium. I could relate to how imagination changes on celluloid. What I read in a book and what I saw on screen had a stark difference at times.

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book” quotes J.K.Rowling. I felt the same when I read the book “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. The lessons given by Morrie became life lessons for me and that made a difference to me and my life.

A few challenges for me were things like, watching a documentary and a horror movie. Documentaries have too much of yak-yak which make them dull and uninteresting at times. Also I had to extend myself beyond my area of interest and maybe that’s the reason I failed to make connections.

Horror is not my genre because it scares me to death. I keep looking for ghosts around me after watching a scary movie hence I would still want to refrain from it. Now the funny part is that after watching a horror movie here in the class I watched 2 more without getting scared. So that was an advantage!

Book and movie club changed me forever!

New workshop, New Learning

I am a veteran participant of  workshops at Fountainhead school.

Beginning with the 7 Habits, Love, Integrity and now the  Book and Movie club. Each workshop layering the other  with its unique principles and followed by self-reflections.

Looking back at the recent sessions of book and movie club, I think it has been a wonderful journey  of looking at ” principles learnt ” in our previous workshops at work in the human relationships portrayed in various books that we discussed and the movies that we watched together.

Today’s session was  exemplary in terms of learning something new and challenging- “Making of a comic strip” after identifying the various elements of a comic strip and then putting it into  practice  and actually making a comic strip 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed learning and working with all the club members – very well guided and supported by Neha and fantastically complimented by our group members – Shehla, Ritu, Evelyn and Himani who created the comic strip- Cinderella, The True Story. Their creativity, drawings and ideas beautifully interwoven with their commitment towards the challenge of creating a cartoon strip.

Thank you for such a wonderful time.

Another workshop , another new learning👍

2 days of clubbing!!

Day 1:

Our day started with discussing about what interesting books we had read and films we had seen over the past few months.

Next we watched the movie,’My fair lady’, based on the play “Pygmalion’, by George Bernand Shaw.It was difficult for us to watch the movie as the language used was difficult to comprehend.

The reflection of the movie had some wonderful insights related to clothes and to what extent do they still ‘make a man’? Should it matter how a person speaks? Does money equal class?

Day 2:

We understood the elements of comic strip and read a few comics to explore those comics further.

Next we had an exciting time creating our own comic strips, focussing on all the elements!!!

Overall 2 days spent well…learning, creating, laughing, enjoying…..

Sharing a few glimpses here:


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