Critical Thinking Day 1 and 2 (July 2023)

Great learning, great resources shared. There’s a shift in perspective. Both days were mind opening. Will definitely read the book Thinking Fast and Slow, having kept in my reading list for a while now. Like the body needs rest for rejuvenation, the brain needs Life Classes to think clearly.

Oppenheimer was good too, thankyou for the experience and for thinking and planning so meticulously. I will definitely be more mindful, analyze every piece of information and then form my opinion / perspective. Also, Critically Thinking ≠ Being Critical.


Thankyou Bhargavi Ma’am, Bhumit Sir and all the Life Class Participants.

Critical thinking Iota

Gives a good window to introspect our thinking. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. Critical thinking is a skill which one needs to develop over a period of time through their own life experiences and exposure to varied scenarios. Preaching to open up your thoughts nd change mindset to what one has a long time belief in might not work for all is what I believe and some might not even connect it to so quickly. Hoping exposure is given to research and experiences to practice critical thinking is focused on in coming sessions more. Also kindly avoid religious discussions as it’s a very personal and sensitive topic. Even “open minded” western civilizations prevent from such open forum discussions if some of the demography is aiming for that.