Reflection: Intergrity Eta

I really liked the connection of integrity with fear. It makes one think about why we are not consistently demonstrating integrity in different scenarios. Of course, we are humans, and the gray area always persists, making us question our choice of action. But this session helped us identify what triggers/stops us from acting in a certain way which has to be in congruence with our words/thoughts. The examples shared by the facilitators also helped one be open about their experiences whether good or bad to share with the audience. Looking forward to what the pain session holds in store for us.

Malvika Gandhi.

Critical Thinking – Reflection

The Critical Thinking life class is adding a new dimension to my thinking patterns. The concept mapping activity worked well in understanding the way CT works. There were interesting distinctions catered like System-1 and System-2 thinking. The debate helped me understand the difference between facts, opinions, beliefs and truths (justified true beliefs). I learnt that critical thinking is about claiming and countering your own claim. I learnt other important concepts like inherited opinions, mundane truths, etc. which is going to help me both professionally and personally.

Art and Skills – Reflection

I enjoyed the first and second day of art and skills class. I learned canvas painting along with making connection with our own emotions. I was able to create my own composition after listening to the interesting story/facts about ‘Phad painting of Rajasthan. I hope to complete my pending paintings and able to showcase on the last day of this class.

I am looking forward for the up coming classes where I will learn more and enhance my art skill.


Integrity is telling myself the truth

The life class on the topic of integrity was an eye-opener. Although all know the meaning of integrity, this session helped me dig the deeper meaning of integrity. The activities we did were beneficial which helped me to understand that fear is what prevents us at times from maintaining integrity. The three levels of fear helped me introspect within myself and categorize the levels of my fear. Moreover, it also made me realize that some of the worries I had were fears of everyone else too which helped me to understand that all people have fears and it’s okay to have some fear until you are able to handle them. The session was really fruitful and the topic was catered to beautifully with the help of some videos, activities, and a lot of discussions.

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